New MONSTER Jackery 3000 Watt Solar Generator – Explorer 3000 Pro


The BIGGEST Jackery Powerstation ever made. 3000 watts of power in a lightweight package that can go anywhere! But does it …

Date: August 24, 2023

31 thoughts on “New MONSTER Jackery 3000 Watt Solar Generator – Explorer 3000 Pro

  1. I have a refrigerator in my kitchen and one in my garage. During a power outage, could this one 3000 Watt generator power both my refrigerators and a TV for at least 15 hours straight, or would I need 2 generators?

  2. Great video i like jackery with exception of battery design they need to get with the program with LIFEPO4 the standard lithium ion has to go fewer charge cycles and has history of explosion malfunction come on jackery address this and you will be untouchable

  3. I would like too see it in actual use of a camper trailor, how long could it handle use of both Microwave and air conditioner. As i would like to know if i was to connect it directly to trailor feed, as i want to go off grid and depend on this for use. How long can I both run air-conditioned and in tandem with microwave use.

  4. What you don’t realize is some of these companies in this business have small teams and maybe no electrical engineer doing hardware development that has a degree. Also LIFEpo4 doesn’t weight near twice as much as the NMC, but maybe 40% more. Great trade off for safety, and to last twice as long.

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