28 thoughts on “NO MORE GAS Generators? ECOFLOW DELTA PRO Review

  1. A battery is not a generator. A battery is not a generator. A battery is not a generator. A battery is not a generator. A battery is not a generator. A battery is not a generator. Oh by the way a battery is not a generator and in case you were wondering a battery is not a generator.

  2. It’s a battery and inverter…. You still need a generator to charge it (grid, solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, coal)

    This is misleading. You can buy cheaper batteries and bigger inverters for less money

  3. GREAT info and examples of use. With my lack of electronic expertise, I will definitely need a certified electrician to do all the work for me. But the basics make great sense as I'm having solar panels installed on my garage roof. Another video mentioned crowd funding for purchasing, but it may have been old enough to miss that opportunity (???)

  4. EcoFlow is absolute TRASH! Customer service doesn’t give a damn about us customers who spent good hard earned money on their products only to have a firmware update turn them to paperweights! For days I have been dealing with Jessica from EcoFlow support and she mentioned that respond once every few days and then repeats the same requests as I have already responded too. They aren’t helping at ALL! Do not waste your money or time. Amazon sells a host of other brands and any one of them will do what EcoFlow does and better. It’s also much easier dealing with Amazon customer service.

  5. I am non-techy. Please explain whether or not the ECOFLOW DELTA PRO outputs clean DC power? If it does, it could be an excellent power source for audiophile-grade audio gear, like streamers, DACs, pre-amps, and even power amps, not to mention internet modems, routers, and switches. The audiophile community widely considers typical standard home AC power quality less desirable. It needs to be much "cleaner" and more consistent. AC power in most buildings diminishes audio gear's sound quality. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  6. This is just an advertisement. This can't replace a gas generator. This can only power a refrigerator for 24 hours. I was recently out of power for 2.5 days. I ran a refrigerator, a small chest freezer, a mini-fridge, my central heat, my lights, my internet, my TV, microwave and toaster, (not at the same time), my gaming laptop, all of the phones and pretty much everything electronic in the house. My 5000 watt inverter generator cost me $1000 with taxes. With an oil change every 100 hours and a spark plug cleaning every 200 hours, this generator will last the rest of my life. This is a direct quote from Ecoflow "The refrigerator is the bulk of the energy consumption in this case. One full charge from your EcoFlow Delta Pro will only last 24 hours for a large 120W refrigerator, so the 200W solar offset will certainly help."

  7. Would like to see this work like a UPS, with an option to hook up my 240v inverter generator to it that will pass through the electricity while charging the battery. This way when the generator is shut off it can continue powering the house.

  8. Hello. Just saw this video so I haven’t read all comments hence why I am asking this.

    Can the Ecoflow Delta pro use different solar panels? There are more efficient panels out there and I figured you can maybe plug in different more efficient panels?

  9. I love these large battery powered inverters.. BUT.. they are NOT a replacement for traditional generators in many situations, namely, those situations where the power is out for an extended time beyond what the battery/inverter's capacity is. Out for a few hours or a day? Maybe so, depending upon what you are running. But try to carry a couple of refrigerators, freezers, heaters, small AC, fans, etc..for more than a few hours or so, and you're out…. and you won't be "filling" that battery/inverter up anytime quickly, unlike grabbing the gas can and filling up the tank. And lets just be up front with the cost… two EcoFlow Delta Pros will hit you up for about $7,000. That's more expensive than a 24KW whole-home Generac.

  10. A question I have about this unit…..and it looks great ! If our power grid is destroyed with a nuclear attack, the emp will fry any electronic parts/products. While this unit is a great state-of-the-art device , it's loaded with electronic components. Does anyone recommend a form of storage for this that would protect it from such a situation, God forbid ?

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