Our New Solar Powered Workshop! The Bluetti AC200 Max Makes It Possible!


Today we are showing how we plan to run our new workshop completely off solar! We are so happy to be partnering with Bluetti …

Date: August 24, 2023

29 thoughts on “Our New Solar Powered Workshop! The Bluetti AC200 Max Makes It Possible!

  1. There seems to be a channel using our profile image and pretending to be us. They are leaving comments on our channel asking people to contact them about winning a prize. THIS IS NOT US. DO NOT CLICK LINKS FROM THEM. We have contacted YouTube to have the channel taken down.

  2. I have the exact same setup for my RV 35 ft Diesel Pusher running a 10 cubic foot house fridge convection oven integrated vacuum system two TVs with 900 watts on board I am boondock Ready

  3. Great video! I was shocked to see the air compressor actually work on the unit. I read that the solar panels are not to be used in the rain/wet….not good because of Missouri's winters when the power goes out. Love the rack! Great job. You need to provide us with measurements plans on your solar panel build. I believe a lot of us would buy a set.

  4. Well-done video! I bought an AC200 and 2 B230 expansion batteries, with the objective of using that combination of batteries to handle most of the power for our house. Your video is one of the most informative I've seen with regard to the AC200-B230 system for this objective.

  5. I have the bluetti your using. I am building it as i can afford to. Solar panel is next. But additional battery and more solar are in my plan. Great info . Love the Bluetti

  6. Kevin. I know this is a year old, but would you still recommend the Bluetti brand for powering a small house, in an off grid situation? I know you are using this in your shop, but also as a backup in your home. I am planning a small 600 sq ft house, with a energy efficient frig, plus some fans and lights, plus be able to power laptop/phone. Do you think a Bluetti could handle that on a full time basis? Danny at Deep South Homestead has also used Bluetti in his off grid cabin. Looking for ideas before I take the plunge to purchase…

  7. Ah, the Amish dudes. I pulled my truck over once on a country road in western Illinois or
    “Forgotonia” to watch an army of Amish put up a barn. It was like ants building an ant hill. Beautiful!

  8. Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for this video. Found some very useful information in here! Good luck with your new space! Seems like you will have some awesome time there in times when is bad outside! Adrian from Austria

  9. Seams like it would be a good idea to put a door where the solar panels are so that you can get to the panels easily instead of having to walk around the building.

  10. You don’t have to worry about those batteries being at 80% after 10 years because the technology will be obsolete in less time then that. Not to mention I would doubt that the critical electrical components like inverter switches plugs well last that long.

  11. Love all of your content you both provide. I do have a minor critique of the audio recording. It's a minor distraction to have the audio mainly coming out of 1 earphone ;P I hear you in my left ear where your recording device is on your hat. lol

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