PATRIOT POWER GENERATOR 1800 EXPOSED! World’s WORST Solar Generator Power Station


37 thoughts on “PATRIOT POWER GENERATOR 1800 EXPOSED! World’s WORST Solar Generator Power Station

  1. Found one of these in the trash and took it apart. I don’t know anything about inverters but the batteries are a 4s6p liFePO4 50Ah at 12.8volt. Equivalent batteries can be found for about $100 on Alibaba. So when he says they make them for a few hundred dollars I think he is spot on. The specific cells used are Vision model V-LFP-D325680E. The unit I found is the patriot power 1500 and it is definitely only 50Ah.

  2. Can anyone recommend a good solar system to add to existing backup generator that has a 500 gallon propane tank supply ? Just want to help conserve fuel when the sun is shining.

  3. I have writing comments wherever I see a video on this crap saying what a ripoff this thing is. When I see the word patriot used to sell product, that is always a red flag.

  4. Thank you so much, b-4 you I watched Goshen Prepping's, raving review. Went to their website & excoriated them. As the evil guy in your interview said; We pay to get good reviews. To all, I say do your research & buyer beware. By the way the evil guy looked a lot like you? Is he related?

  5. Thank you so much for the insight. I’ve doubted the validity of the item since I bought the small phone or computer solar chargers. It charges up , but doesn’t charge my phone. It only keeps the usage from my phone running the phone battery down as quickly. Not a good value. Plus it is susceptible to water damage unlike the ads state.

  6. Lithium Iron phosphate sitting in direct sun. Everything I have read about LiFePo4 LFP sounds safe but storage seems odd since it drains the battery but is needed for charging in the sun. It says they are stable but the heat and direct sun drains energy. So it’s an oxymoron because that’s what the charging source is. The sun. Just seems like stupidity and lies if actually using these types of batteries to use during power outages in the hot months of summer in the southwest.

    Please tell me I completely didn’t understand. I’m so doubtful now of what can and can’t be trusted with safety and money for a product.

  7. Yeah, so many times products made in another country and it’ll have a made in the USA label in it. That’s because the label was made in the USA, not the product. It’s a loophole con that happens with so many garments or items. Usually garments. The other labels are hard to find and not in. Prominent place that states the location the product was made. If you’re determined to by “Made In The USA” items, you’ll actually have to investigate the company in charge of making it and the country used to make it. It completely sucks that we can’t even trust a label with all the fraud and loopholes out there.

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