Pecron E2000LFP 2000w LiFePO4 Modular Battery Solar Generator Power Station Review


24 thoughts on “Pecron E2000LFP 2000w LiFePO4 Modular Battery Solar Generator Power Station Review

  1. I think the "safest" sure way to use an external battery source is to use three 12.8 volt / 100 AH LiFePO4 batteries in series. This would give you approximately 38.4 V * 100 AH = 3840 additional Watts. If you use their spec of ~15 amps input charging using the 38.4 volts input, the input to one solar input would be approximately 576 Watts, just under the 600 Watt solar max…. As a decent 12.8 V LiFePO4 battery can be obtained for ~275 to 300 bucks * three, you would then have a total of ~ 5760 Watts of total power available for ~ 900 dollars – saving about 500 bucks over the $1399 EB3000…. With using the EB3000 @ 3072 Watts + 1920 Watts for the main box = 4992 Watts available), an ADDITIONAL 768 more Watts over using the Pecron battery….. IMPORTANT NOTE: This way to expand battery capacity will only really be good for users that don't need the FULL availability, as you only have the approximate 576 Watts available at any one moment. The EB3000 battery can/will give you the total 3072 Watts to be used at any wattage load up to the 2000 Watt inverter capacity, I.E. powering about a 1500 Watt load for ~ 1.5 hours or so…. For the high wattage user, the EB3000 will perform best….

  2. They designed the solar imputs that way to make it hard to use cheap lithium batteries, like power queen or Redodo, as expantion batteries, unless you but 3 in series for 36 volts, in hopes that you will buy there over priced expansion batteries..I would still put 3 -100Ah batteries in series myself..

  3. Curious if you plan on doing a review of the expandable EB3000 battery? You seemed to be high on Pecron but with the EB3000 battery out 7 months now, surprised you haven't reviewed it. Are you still good with Pecron? Also, they have sales going on now. This unit is roughly $1050 (with promo code) and the EB3000 is about $1300 w/ code. That's about 47 cents/Wh 😶 Price is great but do you feel it's a quality unit for the money?

  4. Has anyone been able to return a Pecron unit within 30 days of purchase? I haven't been able to get a return address after five emails with me paying for the shipping. The unit has two 600-watt solar inputs, but its AC charger also uses one of those inputs. Therefore, one can not utilize both inputs for the solar and also use the AC charger. Anyway, I guess I got to call my credit card company and dispute the charge.

  5. Hi, congratulations for the details of the video. One piece of advice, better pecron E2000LFP or Bluetti AC200P?? I have to use it as the main battery of my van. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. I like it but only want to be able to put one 200w panel out outside of my Rv. That panel only delivers max 29Amps. So to be clear are you saying this unit won’t charge with solar with that amount input??Weight is an issue with RV so whatever I put in it something typically comes out.

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