Pecron E2000LFP Solar Generator Review


Pecron E2000LFP: Solar Generator …

Date: August 24, 2023

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  1. If I tested I want test at 75% capacity like some person does I was tested at one hundred percent to 0 just on the inverter itself and then I do it again with inverter and the battery to see what they'll put us if it's better or just the same or is it good knowing that I last longer but to see if they say it is what it is.

  2. FYI – Currently on sale, 1920WH $1169 USD. 3070WH Battery $1499 USD. Going full tilt, E2000ELP + 2xEB3000 batteries with THEMAC1 coupon code 3958.65. That's a lot of Watt Hours (8060) for under $4000. Maybe home grown is cheaper. Only two limits from my side is the limit of the 2000W inverter and no UPS functionality. Price is just fantastic (<.50/WH) for size and performance and includes free slow standard shipping. No tax charged on site if out of state, but your state may still expect a usage tax payment.

  3. Hi. I am thinking of getting to Battery generator as a back if our power goes out. How long could we expect the a full charge battery/generator to last running a standard size refrigerator/freezer? Thanks for the review.

  4. What I don't like about this kind of reviews is how repetitively the about a gadget that someone else already did. To the average guy who wants to use this when the electricity goes out, the one who never goes camping, don't care how many ports it has, not to familiar with Watts, Volts etc. tell us what can I do with it and for how long. Why don't you plug a regular appliance, coffee pot, blender, microwave, etc. so I can see if I can make me a cup of coffee in the morning, how long until the bacon in my refrigerator is going to last before the refrigerator stop working, with this gadget. Is my router, pc and printer going to work because I need to finish a project and the kids want to do homework. That's what I want to know. Port for this, that and the other, I don't care. I can see all the ports in it and maybe I can figure it out, tell me how long we are going to enjoy this gadget before I sit in the dark with the rest of my neighbors.

  5. I bought the E1000pro because I was initially impressed with the 2000. It STOPPED TAKING A CHARGE in 1 day. Going on 4 days with multiple emails and only 1 response with them asking for a video I HAD ALREADY SENT.
    Update! They responded and sent me out a new unit. The system broke because the solar panels cannot be series connected only parallel even though the manual says it can be.
    The new one is working perfectly and is fulfilling its purpose great.

  6. I had purchased the Pecron E2000LFP with the 400W solar kit based on other reviews. However the tests that you did in this review were much easier to understand. Thank you for confirming my decision to purchase this unit.

  7. Great review. We chose the Pecron over the Bluetti and have been thrilled with the way it works. Customer service was also amazing even though it was obvious they were in China. They had the unit to us in just a couple of days because their USA warehouse was near us and we ended up adding the trolly (which is great quality except for the handle) and two 200 watt suitcase solar panels and two extension cords. They gave us a discount on each item and responded very quickly to all of our questions. Oh and BTW you said it was heavy, well it is about 48 pounds and the Bluetti is 62 pounds so we feel it is pretty manageable especially with the trolly made to fit it perfectly. We love it.

  8. Great video, thank you. Sorry about the dumb question, but I'm somewhat new to this. If I have a Bluetti PV200 solar panel. Will it be able to charge this unit? If I heard you correctly, I believe my solar panel falls short (20.5v) of the required voltage (32v min) to charge it. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for another great review. I'm interested in this unit but want to see how it performs with the EB3000 before I pull the trigger. I intend to use it for emergency home backup power and supplemental power in my travel trailer.

  10. I love your videos I’ve been learning so much but I have a question when you turn On the inverter I noticed the run time goes from 640 hours to 106 Hours so maybe it is taking account for the inverter being on it’s just not displaying how many outgoing watts because it is an internal part not external

  11. I've got the e3000, and love it. It doesn't have LiFePO4 cells, but doesn't need them because I'm using it for power outages only. At an 800 cycle rating, the batteries should last me 150 years. 🙂 I like the little 12v 5521 input, I can charge at 100W with any 12v battery and it will run my fridge an extra 2-3 hours in a pinch. My favorite feature is when I wheel in for a power failure, the lights come back on so I don't need it. I guess a lucky generator is the best generator!

  12. The PF value is the power factor in Watts equaled to the apparent power in volts and amperage VA time the PF equals watts. As always great video.

  13. "Pecker-on" lol… Ok ok I kno…sorry. Anyways seems like a winner. Thx for another cool review that doesn't make me want it more than my Titan lol.

  14. A couple of reviews showed this power station starting at 110volts and then dipping down in voltage at a concerningly lower voltage of around 100 volts while under load.
    If there are other reviews showing improvements in this area I may be interested, but I wouldn’t recommend using if this truly is the case.

  15. Looks like an interesting unit. Just an FYI since I was looking at your spreadsheet. I own a Zendure Superbase Pro 1500 (LifePo4 version of their SBP2000). Both of their units take 2400W of solar input. Voltage ranging from 12V-60V up to 600W via the XT60 port and 60V-160V up to 1800W via the AC input.

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