Pecron E2000LFP: The New King of Solar Generators for 2022?


In this video, we’ll take a look at the Pecron E2000LFP: plus how it stacks up against the Bluetti AC200Max. If you’re interested in …

Date: August 24, 2023

38 thoughts on “Pecron E2000LFP: The New King of Solar Generators for 2022?

  1. spec wise and cost, it should be a dandy. Like to see Will Prowse get hold of it. just got the fort 1500 bougerv solar gen. its not a bad unit either, bluetti is king regardless.

  2. So the numbers are baffling to me. I do want to make a good choice. To run a standard chest freezer and a standard refrigerator, only, how long could they run with a full charge? Hours?

  3. Test with solar would've been nice since it's a "solar generator." Recharging with the ac brick defeats the purpose of a "solar generator." Thanks.

  4. Why are they called solar generators? They are nothing more than glorified portable battery packs. They don’t generate power on their own and you still have to buy solar panels to recharge them on days when it is sunny.

  5. Been looking for a Solar Gen that has LifePO4 battery AND a MPPT controller. I was all excited when you said it had both and then… I saw the proprietary DC/Solar panel input aviation connector. What a shame! They just lost money because I have solar panels that are way better than what they offer and I will never do business with a company that does this. Kind of like buying a house with an HOA.

  6. Is it just me or shouldn't these generators come with at least one, if not two solar panels when purchasing? Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a great product, just seems like I'm getting nickel and dimed (more like hundreds/thousands of dollars) when buying a "SOLAR" generator and it doesn't come with solar panels!!! It's like buying a car but you have to pay extra for the tires! LMAO.

  7. Hi great comparison! I made a few LifePO4 batteries one is 24v, 3KWh battery. Can I use this batter to charge the E2000? Second question: if I can use this battery can I hook my solar panels to the external 3K battery via a controller to charge the system?

  8. Wanting to know if I could use this in a semi truck for cooking utensil and charge it if a day off of the 1200 watt inverter on truck just know anything bigger than a 1000 watt air fryer it starts to trip my inverter

  9. I was really ready to bite the bullet and get one of these last night. I've thought about a solar for a couple years. However, I looked for a contact phone number, their address, etc. and see nothing. Even the contact page says nothing about who they really are, or how to contact them. If they have been in business since 2012 surely they would provide those two basics. Unless it is basically a small garage business, who doesn't give these basic points of contact? The machine sounds great, but lack of contact makes me anxious.

  10. Where are these manufactured? China? I was interested in the Bluetti AC200Max. I tried calling Bluetti for 3 weeks now. No one answers and all the mailboxes are full, and I have emailed them about 10 times and no responses that way either. So why bother with Bluetti???

  11. I wonder whether you've ever experienced a power outage. I can't imagine anyone's first concern being use of a hair dryer. Are those products of any real use more that making testing videos?

  12. We live off grid in Yaak MT we are not rich and need to get the most bang for the buck for a portable solar panel power system which system would you recommend for around $2000. Thanks great channel.

  13. Sorry to be the bad news, but Pecron customer service is unhelpful and mostly unavailable. I am trying to build a system and Pecron doesn't answer my direct questions.

  14. Hello Chris, bought an E2000lfp and pretty satisfied after the first one was returned for no go, (Customer Service pretty good so far). I see that the EB3000 (3kwh) expansion batts are out. Want to add expansions but won't until I start seeing some reviews from my trusted UTubers. When do you think?

  15. I really appreciate you! I wouldn’t have a clue how to properly vet these devices. I noticed your solar panels look like they fold up to be small. What brand are they? TIA

  16. HORRIBLE customer service. No phone number and an email that I SWEAR only 1 person is monitoring. E1000pro stopped taking a charge after 1 day and I asked how/where to return amd they have ghosted me. Sketchy AF company.
    Their website says to contact pecron support email for the return shipping address BUT THEN THEY DONT RESPOND TO GIVE IT TO YOU!

  17. I drive for a living. I was thinking about charging it in my car while I'm on the road for 10 hours. How long will it take to charge it completely from 0 to 100%?

  18. Help: Is there any power unit that can be charged via a dc-dc charger or other unit using the jeep alternator while driving. The only thing I have seen is a trickle charger using the cigarette lighter plug and the 235 amp alternator potential is not used. Thanks

  19. Nice video and sheet, How much Amper is the DC output… One of the let called "extra features" that bluetti have is that 25-30A DC output… For camper vans is ideal.. cannot find the info about pecron.. Thanx

  20. Why is the Bluetti so much heavier? For the ~same battery capacity for the two units, and the battery should be the heaviest component, they should weigh about the same. Where is the extra weight going to in the Bluetti?

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