Portable Power Station (Buying Guide) 🔌 Bring the Electricity with you


These portable power stations can replace a generator in many cases, but to buy the best one you need to understand their …

Date: August 24, 2023

37 thoughts on “Portable Power Station (Buying Guide) 🔌 Bring the Electricity with you

  1. For Dometic CFX3 35 portable fridge freezer, which Brand portable power station will be the best for 2 day's continue operation?

    Can anyone tell me about it?

    I prefer lifepo4 power station but which company lifepo4 power station is the best? Im little bit confused

    I have heard Renogy Phoenix 1000 is lifepo4 battery made with 3000 cycle lifespan.

    But I want to know more.

  2. What specs do I need to power a soundbar for 6 hours while watching movies at the drive in theater? The whole sound system is 656 watts. Do I need to buy a 700 watt power station? Or could I get something with 150 watts and still use it?

  3. As a digital nomad in the philippines, we have power cuts every other day for 8 hours. These things are essential. I recommend also having a battery-powered fan and light individually so this thing can just run your laptop and charge your phone on mobile hotspot or the router + computer

  4. I don't think anyone calls these 'generators'. Coupled with a solar panel, they are known as 'solar generators' as they take solar power at whatever voltage is being generated, provide a charge controller, store it for when the sun's not out, and provide DC/AC. So the term solar generator in that context is definitely fair.

  5. I’m interested in something like this to power my gaming laptop when I am on the road as I travel a lot for work, it has a 330w charger so I’m not sure it would be viable for one of these really as by the sounds of it, it would drain in a few hours? Any alternatives?

  6. Ok , so you buy a portable charger , like Jackery as example . Why is the solar panel so over price ? Most don’t work that good ?

    There few solar panels are from another company, they like 40 to 60 % cheaper . It work way better .

  7. Jackery is made from Panasonic cells used in Tesla. Do not advice people to buy Jackery. Go for Bluetti, heavier battery but is a Lifepo4 with the longest lifecycle in lithium family.
    Stop making videos just to make money

  8. great video. Is it really so simpre to calculate ? :),,, If I have a speaker with 150W total consumption and a power station that provides 300W – this will provide 2hrs right?? I have seen several videos and here I guess is so clear.. am I right ?? the parameter Ah is not important ?(from the Li bateries I mean)

  9. You have a very efficient way to expaling things, Thanks! Still , I wish to power a guitar amp for 2 to 3 hoiours at a time which is asking 130 watts and 120 volts art 60 cycles.. Would a 300 watt hour suffice? What about the amperage? Thanks in advance

  10. The thing I dislike about these Lithium Ion based Power Stations is the battery doesn't last long before it starts losing capacity potential. I really do wish they made it easier to change the internal battery in these. I think it's a feature each & every one of them should have considering how much you're spending on these.

  11. Lol ya I can tell ya before I even watch this that it makes zero sense to call these Generators as they don't generate any of their own power. They simply store it. Kind of silly to call them generators.

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