Power Queen 100Ah LiFePO4 RV | Off Grid Battery Review [Teardown]


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  1. Make sure, if you connect them in series, to balance them once or twice a year, just connect them in parallel for an hour, before you do that, check the voltages of every Individual battery. Because if the voltages are to far apart, hundreds of amps could flow from one to another and cause harm to them or yourself.

  2. Hi all, I purchased 4 of these 100ah 12v batteries and connected in series into my MPPSolar inverter. I have 1 inverter and am not using any fancy remote battery management system. I tried using the lithium program of the inverter to charge these batteries, but it goes into alarm because I can't use the series cable to attach to the batteries. Since there is no place to plug in the cable into the batteries. I am using the 'user defined' battery program. There is a built in BMS in the batteries, but I don't know what it does exactly. Nothing visual. My question is about the charge/bulk/float/low cut out/high cut out/voltage to return when the batteries recover. I'm using the generic setting of 54 volts for the battery system, but the batteries are always charging and never get over 2 of 4 bars. I'm guessing this is due to not having all of the settings correct for this system. I'm only using 0-25% of the inverter capacity, so I'm not draining the batteries to zero. Power Queen doesn't respond to emails. Does anyone have any suggestions on setting these up? I just sent an email to MPP Solar and am waiting for a response. I did fully charge each battery independently, then connected in parallel to complete the balancing before hooking in series to my inverter. Thank you in advance for any comments!

  3. The teardown was very helpful – hopefully the battery was mostly depleted when you did it ๐Ÿ‘ I was looking at Battleborn and Dakota Lithium, but PowerQueen seems like a good inexpensive option.

  4. Awesome review, thank you! I used you discount code and just purchase the Power Queen 100Ah battery to be used in a Licitti 1000 watt Power Box with a 100 watt solar panel. Just starting out with solar and wanting to find a small system I could build to charge my cordless tools, cameras, cell phones, tablet, etc. Didn't want waste $$$ on cheap SLA batteries and trying to keep budget low but still use quality products.

    I stumbled across your video and just watched it, and just described. Love what you're doing, keep up the great work! And thanks for the discount code โ™ฅ๏ธ


  5. The fact that you determined that this battery is very well built is definitely a decision influence. Thanks for you time and effort! ODIN!!!!

  6. Thanks for the video . Especially the teardown .
    I'd love to see some teardowns of some solar generators too in the future please .

    As of 26/06/2023 this is $480.87 for the 100Ah and $1103.94 for the 200Ah . Bonus free shipping though. Also price includes any taxes too .

    Welcome to rip off Britain .


  7. I think opening up the battery proves that the product is good. You get to see the quality of the wires internally and the BMS. You also can test the low-temperature cut off. Plenty of DIY people have built battery banks that look a lot worse than after you reassemble the battery.

  8. Seems like a good quality battery. I have a Dokota lithium 100ah battery. If I decide to buy another battery itโ€™ll most likely be one of these since itโ€™s almost 1/3 the price and has a 5 year warranty.

  9. Thanks for the great review. It is nice to see what's inside once in a while – appreciate that. Gotta pick one up before 7/4 for sure! Curious, are these actually the same company as Redodo because the website is exactly the same website?

  10. I donโ€™t need the tear down to make a decision. I need cold temperature charge protection. I want to put lithium batteries on the front of my travel trailer. We travel to Florida from Ohio in the winter when it is below freezing. I hate see a good battery ruined by cutting it open.๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  11. Il admit, I voted against a tear down but I will also admit I am impressed with the build quality revealed from it. If you can find a way to not make it wasteful than i'll support tear downs

  12. Thank you for the ongoing insights. I have an off topic question that I hope you can assist? Is it better to discharge my power station to letโ€™s say 20 % than charge it back up to 85% or can I just leave it plugged into my car as it is now at 65% and I use my car every day for 20 minutes so it slowly charges back up every day maybe 10 %. Is this harmful to the power station? Thanking you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

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