Power Station/Solar Generator Overlanding Buyer’s Guide


33 thoughts on “Power Station/Solar Generator Overlanding Buyer’s Guide

  1. For Dometic CFX3 35 portable fridge freezer, which Brand portable power station will be the best for 2 day's continue operation?

    Can anyone tell me about it?

    I prefer lifepo4 power station but which company lifepo4 power station is the best? Im little bit confused

    I have heard Renogy Phoenix 1000 is lifepo4 battery made with 3000 cycle lifespan.

    But I want to know more.

  2. Goal Zero 1500X with Yeti Link Vehicle Integration Kit FOR THE WIN. Nothing beats that hands down. And big downvote to the shenzhen designed crowd source funded brands like Bluetti and EcoFlow. No thanks. Goal Zero is based in America….Utah specifically. And their gear is used by enthusiasts on expeditions all over the world, and it's built superiorly to the plastic crap of other brands. I have several of the newer X series Yetis…….and all of my older 10+ yr old Yeti 150s and 400's still work great they are tanks. Lithium Phosphate batteries become moot when Bluetti's pf EcoFlow's BMS or inverter breaks due to poor heat management.

  3. Which devices work best in colder temperatures? My Yeti will shut down and not charge or accept a charge in the colder months causing me to have to bring the battery in in between trips.


  4. Unlike the comments you received on this video, I know nothing about generators. So much appreciate the time you put in to help people like me. Live in a hurricane area and need to get something. With your help I am a better educated buyer. Thanks!

  5. Just watched this and it was very helpful. Now…in YOUR opinion, what would be best for me in THIS scenario? Weekend overlanding hunting trip. i would need to charge cell phone, maybe a laptop, and maybe a fridge. Havent purchased a fridge yet so, i know that will play a factor. but, nothing huge, just enough for a weekend (at most). i looked into the "BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station | 600W 268Wh". what do you think? appriciate the feedback.

  6. Im off grid I've used tri fuel generators, propane apliances, battery banks – some solar. But what I really prefer is my propane portable Honda inverter generator and backup generator, vented propane heater (No electricty required and a Primary Main Source of Heat), big buddy heater, alot of propane and propane appliances. I have a camping non inverter portable dual fuel gasoline and propane generator that has been running since 1994 and still going strong. Also has run sensitive equipment over the years. No battery bank or solar will last 29 years and still going!!! Nothing beats a propane quiet running extremely dependable Honda inverter generator on propane!!! Propane Never goes bad. Also my extreme cold gear 2 sleeping bags and more for me!

  7. Thinking about getting the eb55 from Bluetti for having power in the bed of the truck while living in the bed. No plans for a fridge at the moment just iPad/phone and laptop. I think I could get away with running a n64 or switch plugged upto a computer monitor aswell? I have plans to wire it to charge from the truck when driving. Any thoughts? Great video!

  8. I was just looking for grid down power here in Florida. All I really need to run is my small chest freezer. I can camp in my home and have smaller solar for my phone/nebulizer etc. A chest freezer with ice for milk and I'm good. Thanks for posting this was a BIG help:)

  9. Question; I have a Wagan PowerCube 1200 and it has a horrible design flaw where it shuts off during times of low draw. I've had multiple instances where it's shut off when connected to my Dometic CFX cooler. What power cube would you recommend that DOESN'T auto-power off and cause the cooler to shut down (for extended camping/ overlanding)?

  10. I feel like an interesting video would be trying to see how long you could last off grid with all those power stations you have, just stuff them in the back of your truck, gives me mad max vibes 😂

  11. Thanks for this video. I have a photo booth business and need to determine which one will run my booths, display monitors and printer. I think that the Ecoflow would be a great investment. Also, the recharge time is pretty quick. I might purchase a different brand as well for a back up.

  12. Great job presenting this info!
    What size would you recommend for running a fridge/freezer and diesel heater? I know you’ve been using a diesel heater, so curious about which battery you are using? Thanks!

  13. I am interested in the power station on the very right, FFpower 500, does it have 12V regulated as it was said in the video? Is it reliable for powering 12V fridge? Thank you!

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