Powering My Whole House With a Battery | 120 Volt EcoFlow Delta Pro


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Date: August 24, 2023

23 thoughts on “Powering My Whole House With a Battery | 120 Volt EcoFlow Delta Pro

  1. I have the Pro with one extra battery. Just tapped into a 4 panel 1300 watt solar array. This is definitely the way to go. The Pro has all the processing of power that can be such a hassle. The charging is impressive and NO generator to fuel and listen too. I bought these 4 panels for $400.00. I'm running my treehouse on the sun for a $5000 investment. FYI, high speed charging your Delta will excelerate the battery degradation. Slow charging much better!

  2. Your information doesn’t really help us when you’re saying I’ve had this on for a bit we need time in minutes or hours. That’s what we want to know.

  3. OOPS. If there is a significant power outage, so the EV charging stations would not have power. We lost a transformer in our area. It effective 8,000 customers and businesses for over our hours. So FYI.

  4. Wish I had a couple grand for one of these portable power stations.. I live off solar and wind turbine, and my setup, built over time, is always drained. 4 batteries. 3 solar panels. I have to be very careful or I could drain before night time. These would fix my problem. Thank you for a good idea..

  5. I can get a 4500 watt generator for 400 bucks that's like buying 9 of those ECO flow things. even the 3,700 is still way out of most people's range. for 3700 you can get a whole house generator that can power All your electrical needs from electric range to HVAC to Water Heater. That thing will only good for powering Lights, and charging Cell phones and maybe a TV but still won't last long unless your only powering a few lights and charging a phone.

  6. Scott, you can make the adapter even better by adding a single pole switch (rated at 30 amps) next to the three-way switch so you CAN have power on both phases at the SAME time which will allow you to power up everything at once on both phases. You'll connect the single pole switch to both the black and red wires on the three-way switch as well as the load wires and you'll use the single pole switch to "bypass" the three-way switch allowing you to power up the other phase at the same time and when you only want to have only one phase on, you'll turn off the single pole switch and use the three-way switch to select which phase that you want or need to have power. That suggestion will give you more options that you can use at once.

  7. Electric service in the United States (120/240 Vac) is sometimes called two-phase service but this is NOT correct. It is only single-phase, since both line voltages are derived from a single phase of a distribution transformer with a center tapped neutral and are 180° out of phase with each other. You have two 120 volt legs. (L1 and L2) For years I had a 120 volt generator feeding my home. You can feed both legs at the same time with one 120 volt source. Connect both legs to the hot side of your inverter. Use your power panel to control the circuits.

  8. The only thing I do not like is having a plug side on both ends of your adapter – I believe this is why you do not see them in the "wild" – like in the beginning of the TV show Hill Street Blues –> "Hey, be careful out there….."

  9. I am also in Illinois — East Peoria. — and maybe we could do a phone call at your convenience ? I'm NOT a DYI guy… just a mostly unskilled (dummy) guy trying to anticipate possible problems BEFORE committing to the solar panels installation.

    Your videos (and others I've watched) have provided great info, but I'm mostly relying on info from the installation companies. And salesmen can't always be trusted to know what they may not be interested in!

  10. As an additional question, eBay has some refurbished EcoFlow generators at seriously reduced prices. In your opinion, are "professionally refurbished " products worth the risk of saving money on the front end ?

  11. If I don't already have a gas generator connection in my home, what is the best way to wire a solar generator like the EcoFlow to new solar panels on my garage and an updated main electrical box ??

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