Prepare For Power Outages With The AFERIY 2001A Solar Generator – Good Quality / Good Price


23 thoughts on “Prepare For Power Outages With The AFERIY 2001A Solar Generator – Good Quality / Good Price

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    Use Discount Code:10AlaskaP (Extra 10% off in US)

    Use discount code with coupon to stack for 2001A(2000W) deal at $899 – limited to 20 units, first come first served.

    Discount code is also available for AF-P series (upgraded model 1200W-3600W on the page)– NEW PRODUCTS ON THE SHELVES – SALES PROMOTION.

    During the video I refer to the Power Station as the AFERIY 2000; but as you can see by the title of this video that it is the AFERIY 2001A; in addition I mentioned that it has a 2 Year Warranty; however, it presently comes with a 5 Year Extended Warranty which I think is a great deal. Please read below to find the link and discount code associated with this power station.

  2. I got an Aferiy 2000 with two 200W foldable solar panels a couple of months ago. I use it every day. Mostly I recharge it with the solar panels. I wish I had another one with solar panels, and a third without solar panels..
    The only things I don't like are that the door covering the AC outlet broke off (just a tiny plastic pin for a hinge) and the AC power on button is hard for me to find in the dark, even though I have used it many times. The light on the front doesn't help much if you are trying to plug a cord into an AC outlet.
    I am glad it has the older style USB ports. I don't use much with USB, but ALL I have are the older styles. Haven't tried the 12V outlets yet.
    I am using it to charge everything I have that uses rechargeable batteries. If I have a good day of sunlight, I can plug the fridge in for a few hours while the solar panels are charging the battery.
    The solar panels are capable of getting very close to their rated capacity. After a heavy rain, the sun came out for a bit and I set the panels up. For a short moment, they were outputting over 390W. I once had a continuous output of 381W. Unfortunately, many days have chemtrail haze that greatly decreases output. Today was cloudless, but it was only generating in the 260s Watt range.
    I keep feeling a grit on the panels after sitting in the sun all day. I examined some of the debris with a 35X microscope, and it was unreal all the weird stuff I saw!! Lots of fibers. Lots of black specs, and no, I have not been getting smoke from the forest fires.

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