Prepping – Best Solar Generator for the Money – Review


I got the EcoFlow Delta 1300 for $849 and put it through the tests and it passed with flying colors. You can buy it for $899 and then …

Date: August 24, 2023

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  1. Hi sorry don't see how to search by subject.. Help.. Want to buy the solar panel for my Ecoflow Delta 1300 that was mentioned in a different video. I believe it was on Amazon. Thank you.

  2. I'm really wanting to get a solar generator. But I have never owned any kind of generator before. And I'm just a single Dad on a pretty tight budget.
    So.., I was wondering if its possible to get a decent solar generator for under $600 ??
    I just have a "mill-house" (apx 1400sqf). The main purpose I want one is to keep my refrigerator running/cold…, and maybe run a small fan or heater, and of course a couple USB outlets.

    I've seen cheaper generators…, but then the panels cost extra (!!)
    I want the whole set up w/ panels to be under $600.
    Is that possible ???
    Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!

  3. I just bought one of those small 2 burner stoves or hot plate. That way i can cook using my delta 1300 without having to pull my big stove/oven away from the wall in emergency situations. You can get them for between 20-30 dollars. I think i paid $22 at walmart. Just another little convenience during SHTF to make life a little easier.

  4. Also check out the Solar Charger by Duracell. I have two. Have external battery connected to them. Their less expensive than the competition and after using for 8 months no issues.

  5. My wife was watching HSN and saw this unit. We got it for 1200.00 with a 100 watt solar panel. The price also included a 3 year warranty in case it breaks. That includes fixing the unit and if they can’t fix it they replace it for free. The unit took about 3 days to get but the solar panel didn’t ship. I called HSN and told them and the next day the solar panel arrived. I have no issues with it at all. I would recommend getting this unit.

  6. I was talking to a neighbor and I thought you should know he has a really sweet set up. He has a portable solar powered battery but he only has one of them. he had an electrician install an override box on the inside of his garage opposite the outside panel ( which he has locked). the inside box allows you to switch between outside power and inside power source from your battery pack. that way his entire house is running on solar and he doesn’t have to have multiple units on rotation getting juiced up while one is working. he has a portable wooden rack on wheels that he has the panels on that he can just roll in and out as needed to juice up the battery.

  7. Hint, add a timer(s) to your system at night when you are not opening and closing the doors. Run your fridge on for 20 minutes, then system off for 10 minutes then freezer on for 20 minutes, then system off for 10 minutes. Each appliance gets 20 minutes per hour on which should keep things cold/frozen at night and you can save battery power.

  8. Don't know how many watts your appliance uses because it's in amps? Volts x Amps = Watts. Like 120 volts times your amps rating will give you how many watts it uses.

  9. Did you just make a video about G.R.A.P.H.I.N.E o.x.i.d-e? I was the LAST person to watch it… and then it said the video was REMOVED. I guess we can't talk about the G.O. word also.

  10. The problem is that even a brand new EF Delta can only handle around 800 charge/discharge cycles before it drops to 60% capacity. Who knows what the state of the battery is for the refurbished model? This could not possibly compare to the Bluetti AC200P, which can handle 3,500 charge/discharge cycles and only drop down to 80% capacity. It also has a 2,000 Watt Hour battery, with a surge capacity of 4,800 Watts. The AC200P is the best for the money right now.

  11. What solar panels would you buy to connect to this? I'm just starting out learning about all of this and have NO idea what I'm doing. I'm going to order one of these but could you please tell me about solar panels? Thanks!

  12. Good video and a definite great bang for the buck. I found you on Rumble, but not the same uploads. You dissapeared months ago. Please don't neglect those of us that are dumping YouTube. Thanks

  13. I am currently working on a project which will produce free electricity from a zero point (nothing). Can I get anyone to listen no! Put out a plea on Facebook for financial help as i am struggling (this does not mean that I cannot have serious inventive skills) but still nothing! All you are all interested in is solar power (indoctrination) which will be totally useless in the pending ice age. I have sent David Dubyne and others messages about what I am doing but still nothing!? It would seem that they are all nothing more than online catalogues or they would be all over a potential power supply solution????????

  14. 😳mG🤭SH.. THaNKs SO MuCH for giving the heads UP on this GReaT find!! I pulled the trigger and got one! SOoo ExCiTeD!! Just to let you know… I put your code in and it gave me not $50s off… It actually gave me $65😃 dollars off!! Don’t know WHY but was pleasantly surprised and incredibly grateful. Can’t WAIT to get it in my hands.. and THaNKs again. SO appreciate all the info you provide!😁

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