Renogy Lycan 5000 4800wh Outdoor UPS LiFePO4 Solar Generator Power Station


21 thoughts on “Renogy Lycan 5000 4800wh Outdoor UPS LiFePO4 Solar Generator Power Station

  1. Question…. and maybe i missed something, but i heard you say that the minimum input for solar was 60v, and that would take 3 12 V panels. In my world 3 times 12 is 36. What am i missing??

  2. Made by Uncle Sugar ..sorta, we had these in theater while on deployment. They were designed and built by Tobyhanna Mfg. They mmmmmake all sorts of goodies for the gubmint

  3. Honestly, a very cool and well thought out box and can see it working well in a variety of applications. With the 48V setup it would be really nice if it had inputs for an auxiliary alternator… with 125-150A alternator it could charge up that battery in under an hour making this box even more versatile in something like a van build. 12v outputs would also be really nice. Overall super cool though and at a great price point. The waterproof aspect is a huge plus!

  4. Well that means I could probably put that on top of a cabinet the cabinet full of batteries and use as a powerhouse giving it more batteries for a longer capacity. And if we can give up 3600 w continuously I could hook it up to my kitchen stove if I could change it to 240 volts.

  5. I am not sure if I understood you correctly.

    Did you say that this Lycan system can be used to lower electric bills and allow for power outage at the same time.

    It is confusing to me.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer if you see this.

  6. Hey Mr. Hobotech! I get dizzy watchin' this kind of stuff, so why don't you do an old man a favor & make a video for me. I'm about to retire, and am going to put up a couple of greenhouses. They're going to be about 30ft by 90 ft, & I'm going to dig down 6 to 8 feet & run pipe to warm them, along with a few other tricks for a burst of cold weather, so I don't need power for heat. What I do need is power for lights, & I'd like to keep it as simple as possible. We're pretty sunny in eastern NC, but I'll need to illuminate them for about four hours a day. I'd like to use basic bulb grow lights hung from a basic socket on a power cord type thing (provides unique flexibility). Figure I'll need around 125 of them per greenhouse. They run 12 watts a bulb. What's the most basic solar setup I'd need for that type of rig?

  7. Too low solar Voltage input limit of 148 VDC. Industry standard for an all-in-one system like this is 500 VDC. No 240VDC output option…. a non-starter.
    Get an EcoFlow Delta Pro or two and have a much better and more powerful system.

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