Renogy Phoenix Elite Portable Solar Generator


With the rest of your life being as mobile as it is, it doesn’t make sense that your power source shouldn’t be too.The Renogy …

Date: August 24, 2023

25 thoughts on “Renogy Phoenix Elite Portable Solar Generator

  1. Just ordered this Generator….I paused the video to see the display panel which shows in and out wattage with a circle type battery meter. I Sure hope they didn't photo shop that because I have not seen that type of display on YouTube yet….also the commercial isn't that good…but won't mind if the phoenix Generator is an upgrade version.

  2. Obviously just like cops use discretion I would use your discretion when dealing with people that are in a bad way mentally and probably homeless let's hope to God you didn't press charges against him

  3. I ordered a kit from renogy on March 11th and as of June 11th was still waiting for the panel. Their customer service has been mediocre, replying with, "it's on the way" everytime I message them.
    I finally asked when it will arrive and was told its on back order now. I told them they've wasted my time and to issue a refund or credit. They took 10 days to issue the refund and then today only issued a partial refund.
    I would not recommend renogy to anyone. Renogy is a terrible company to buy from.

  4. Charge percentage on brand new unit I just bought was 76% out of the box, after two hours in southern Georgia direct sunlight it has 74% charge. Appears you shipped me a faulty solar generator.

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