Replacing Our Gas Generator with EcoFlow Delta Pro for Whole Home Power Backup


46 thoughts on “Replacing Our Gas Generator with EcoFlow Delta Pro for Whole Home Power Backup

  1. We are planning to install a small solar system this year. The EcoFlow will be used to power our house several different ways, and help use determine our final solar system size for power and battery storage. So there will several videos to come.

  2. Watching you trying to get your gen started-I feel your pain. I'm in the process of setting up a Generac stand by gen, I'll have close to $12k in it when all is said and done, I'm doing this for my wife also, if anything happens to me she would never get our old gas gen started….

  3. Great video! We have a Reliant input socket system and though it is very safe to use and you can tell when the power from the grid is back, you are limited to 6 circuits… your setup powers the whole house just with that breaker blocker, had I known of it, I would not have used the Reliant.

  4. do not use Eco flow ever! bought one and it came broken in the box. We have spent hours on the phone with Eco flow and they said it may take a month or more to get resolution. customer service is the worst.

  5. The use of clean energy without smell is certainly good, but you have to consider the sustainability of power station, the duration is certainly not as long as the fuel generator, and the price is not a little higher!

  6. I was waiting to hear that a well water pump and/or a sump pump were also working while the Delta Pros were feeding the house. Nevertheless, great video!

  7. I think these are a great idea. But can not compare to a natural gas or gas generator. I can run my generator for 14 hrs on 5 gallons of gas or indefinitely on natural gas. And lets be honest the cold will cut the batteries in half and good luck when the sun aint shining in the dead of winter. I think this a great idea if your down for a couple hrs but i wouldn't throw out your gas generator. Your gas generator is a piece of shit lol! not even close to
    enough wattage to run that big house lol! They have tri fuel generators for a couple grand that run 10k and much quieter.

  8. I hope to be doing something very similar. Would one battery back up work with say a 6 circuit transfer switch? We don't get a lot of extended outages but all I am really concerned about are the regrigerator, electric HWH and electric heat pump. The generator lock out is a good idea instead of a transfer switch or am I not understanding? I plan to put the battery backup inside my garage right under the panel and leave it plugged in. Does it shut off when it reaches full charge?

  9. Come on guys, this is for an emergency, not to run all the shit you have plugged in all the time, run a fridge and freezer and a few lights on it and it will last for days…. Even on my small 700wh diy powerstation i can run a fridge for 1-2 days without recharging. I have a 1280wh one in my car, that runs a 12v 50l fridge, it lasts easy 4-7 days depending on the ambient temperature.

    I have got four good 420 Watt panels at home, 7kwh lifepo4 battery, even on a cloudy day i still get 150-200 Watts at least, so more than enough for a fridge.
    I can recharge the battery at about 1200 watts from a gasoline generator too if i have to.

    In an emergency, never use the energy of a solar battery to cook or heat. Its just stupid wasting that much energy. Cook with wood, coal or propane in such a situation.
    Do not use the dishwasher or washing machine. Only use them in full sun if the battery is already at 100% soc.

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