Shocked How Much I LIKED This RV!! 2023 Momentum 25G Travel Trailer by Grand Design RV


2023 Momentum 25G Toy Hauler Travel Trailer by Grand Design RV ▻ Check Availability Now at …

Date: August 25, 2023

31 thoughts on “Shocked How Much I LIKED This RV!! 2023 Momentum 25G Travel Trailer by Grand Design RV

  1. I like the patio options toy haulers provide. We travel with our dogs and that back area has always looked very convenient and inviting. And toy haulers usually offer lots of space and storage in the kitchen/living area. But as a rule the furnishings are sparse and don’t look very comfortable. The bed being a foldable mattress isn’t ideal and that slide is definitely too deep for me. The cabinets and shelves are out of reach without climbing on the bed. The amenities are nice, but we’re not in need of an outside kitchen so that’s a feature we’d be paying for but wouldn’t use.

  2. The King Ranch says it can tow it on paper but I wouldn't. On another note I wish I was younger and could ride dirt bikes because this is perfection 💯

    Hat's off to the team and thanks Josh 🍻

  3. I just sold the 25G to a new to RVing family. It the first of this floorplan I have sold and it is just a awesome layout. The husband was 6'7" and he fit in that shower. For a relatively small TH it just works.

  4. no lie about Kalispell, MT. After seeing a few of your videos I checked housing prices out there… holy moly, we'll have to drop in to visit in an RV park, these homes be expensive!

  5. Josh appreciate the new content as always. Am leaving for Texas tomorrow to get a new to me Titan XD so hopefully this trailer or one like it is in my driveway soon.

    OK gotta ask. You're in Michigan. Ice fishing is a thing up there as it is in many places. Why haven't you covered many (if any?) fish houses or ice house campers? Do you sell them and if so can you show us a few?

  6. Nice! I like the flexibility of toy haulers. Thanks for showing where the chairs can fit during road mode. I was wondering how much they would interfere with cargo. Nice they put the 3 season door in! And the awning over the patio! I think they should be standard on every one. I can't imagine how hot the black base of that patio would get.
    About those shelves at the head of the bed. I theory it would be a good place to park the phone, but I'm not sure they are big enough for even that, and unless you want a cord dangling and a phone landing on your head. They sure won't hold a book.

  7. Hot dang!! That’s a cool rig. I wish jayco would hop back on the bumper pull toy hauler bandwagon. I’ve got a octane 272 that is definitely the most funky floor plan ever. It’s the one with single bunks directly next to the fridge. Ya. Weird. But it works. I’m a diehard jayco fan and haven’t really been impressed with grand design but this one is definitely intriguing. Love the patio doors!

  8. I like to look at RV'S to get an idea for a couple's model in 7 years or so. I never really liked at toy haulers. I like a lot of things about this. My biggest concern is the amount of outside storage. I'd like more than just that small vertical space.

  9. Nice toy hauler. That backlit mirror is snazzy.

    The hitch weight is the death knell for towing this with a half ton. We recently replaced our half ton with one that has a max tow package that has a 1400/14000 lb rated hitch. By the time you load this up the hitch weight would exceed that. When we were looking most standard tow package hitches were in the 1100/11000 lb to 1250/12500 lb range so would not even handle the dry weight.

  10. Do they have any normal travel trailers that have a foldable deck? I don’t want to haul anything but I like the idea of a deck. I just don’t like the furniture (reminds me of furniture on boats) and layouts of most toy haulers

  11. This model is very intriguing. I like the size and it can haul, but be very comfortable when your set up. Would have liked to see the ramp in load mode and how it works

  12. Oh yeah, I noticed that some Bish's locations carry OBi Dwellers, Conqueror UEVs, and TAXA Mantis models. Those would all be great to see tours of. It's too bad the only TAXA model carried is the Mantis, as I think the Cricket would also be a good seller and tour video too. Thanks, as always, for everything Uncle Josh!

  13. I want one! Forget being a toy hauler, it's a travel trailer with a party deck! I'd probably remove the rear lift system and build a desk on one side and mount a large TV on the opposite wall that could swing to face the front or extend out to the deck.
    …though I want a lot of things I'll likely never have.

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