Should you buy Harbor Freight’s CHEAPEST JACKERY Power Station?


37 thoughts on “Should you buy Harbor Freight’s CHEAPEST JACKERY Power Station?

  1. Purchased at harbor freight had to pay $20 restocking fee great camping to run a light or charging phones recent power outage would not run a Mr. Coffee maker why i originally purchased

  2. Jackery seems to make a solid product that does what it claims reliably. I have a larger capacity Jackery that is doing great, and has enough umph to run a standard kitchen fridge for about 6 hours. (estimated. I haven't tried it for more than an hour.) Because of its solidness I think its worth it's slightly higher price compared to competing, less well built units. ALL of that said, if you are in the market for a device like this, do look at battery chemistries. I think all Jackery's are still using lithium ion batteries, while other companies newer products are using lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). Those units are slightly heavier for their capacity, but will last for 2 or 3 TIMES as many charge/discharge cycles. I am surprised that, as far as I can tell, Jackery isn't yet using LiFePO4 batteries in any of their products. If that were to change I would 100% recommend them.

  3. I have the 240, it does pull 60 watt for the outlet charge cable, the car adapter, 30+ watts. i have 2 DOKIO 110 solar panels using a y connector for poor solar conditions and only use 1 solar panel during good conditions. fun fact, if you get a 30 watt home and garden wind turbine. it will charge so long as you got the wind. so if you have a 100 watt wind turbine. you can charge it with wind or during storm

  4. I.m a ham radio operator and I believe you should of checked sine wave and noise interference at least in the broadcast band spectrum(A.M.)I hear 'static' from charge controllers as I'm close listening to BCB ,Broadcast Band,540 – 1600KHZ.If you get a ham license start memorizing test questions, answers and go direct for General Class,I'd say from experience.

  5. The Harbor Freight Jackery models have half the watt hours compared to the ones listed on Jackery's website. For instance, the Harbor Freight Jackery 1000 has a 550wh rating, lasting half as long as the Jackery Explorer 1000 with a 1002wh rating. Comparing the Harbor Freight 1000 (550wh, @$550.00) to the Jackery Explorer 500 (518wh, @$499.00), it's evident that Harbor Freight is charging more for the same watt hours compared to Jackery's website. It seems they are selling smaller battery units at Harbor Freight for a lower cost. Ideally, one should pay around one dollar per watt hour rating. The HF $550 unit is 550wh, while the Jackery 500w (AC output), 518wh is $499, $50 bucks less. In summary, at HF, the prices align with the watt hours, but the names can be misleading, leading someone buying a Jackery 1000 to expect 1002wh, which would last twice as long.

  6. I was on the fence about Jackery but in the end I went with Ecoflow and glad I did. Jackerys are nice and perform great but the price/watt/amp considerations make it overpriced compared to some other brands.

  7. I have had a Jackery 550 for the past year from Harbor Freight and have used it so much i can't even say how much. Camping, C-Pap, Recharging things, etc. I even got the foldable Solar panel to charge it and it works great as well. I can't say enough about the products I have. It does not run a full size coffee maker though. I got a small one that does work good for camping. Great Products.

  8. I have this same Jackery 290 was so impressed I got another one. It works great. Harbor freight also sells Solar panels that connect right in the Jackery 290, the are 100 watt solar panels my only problem with Jackery is harbor freight does not sell bigger Jackery solar power systems. I use allot of Ryobi lights and the combination or using this Jackery and keeping my lights going in black outs and hurricane’s is awesome. I have lights music and power to watch what I want when the weather goes crazy.

  9. This may have already been covered. I called Jackery and was told that replacement batteries are not available. Once the batteries wear out you are on your own.

  10. If you are going to use large lithium-ion batteries, you risk burning your home down. Cheaply made lithium-ion batteries are more likely to combust than high quality ones. Not all li-ion batteries are as safe and reliable as others. Jackery is well established in the rechargeable battery business. Liability dictates that a company that wants to stay in business will only produce high quality products. It is up to you whether or not you consider that peace of mind worthy of Jackery's premium prices.

  11. Please excuse my ignorance , BUT ! I'm imagining the storage capacity within that tiny box as being about the size of a 1 pound brick of butter ? Is there any way/advantage to have , external , auxiliary , "batteries" ? Please help me . Seems the more I read ! the MORE confused I become !

  12. i have a jackery 290 for less than 6 months and the power inverter quit. only run small loads like a small fan and tablet. jackery won't warranty or service it. said sorry. stay away not worth the money. go with newpowa instead

  13. So it’s basically a very large battery pack for phone, tablets, pc, game console, powertool battery charger. With small ‘ish solar panel for trickle charge. I LIKE IT. Nice & Compact. 👊🏼👍🏻👌🏻✌🏻

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