Solar Generator – Finished Version and Final Design Updates


The finished large solar generator featured in our “DIY How To Build a Solar Generator” video series. We go over the solar …

Date: August 25, 2023

49 thoughts on “Solar Generator – Finished Version and Final Design Updates

  1. Great Video ! ! ! I watched it several times so I can truly understand how you build your Solar Generator.
    I will be building mine very soon!
    I would be happy to affix your sticker to my finished project!

  2. Great videos, very detailed. I followed them in building my solar generator but substituted ExpertPower 12v 200Ah Lithium LifePO4 battery. Everything is working, I can run power tools, fans, etc… but when I connect my 25 sq ft Refrigerator/Freezer it runs for 5 to 10 mins then trips the GFCI plug outlet and cuts off the Inverter. I'm not electrician, any ideas???

  3. I want to build one with 2000 watt 120/240 volt out pure sine wave inverter that runs of 12 volt I've seen so many great DYI unit that by picking and choosing I can build a unit that is perfect for me this is the only thing stopping me

  4. Are you concerned about the battery being located so close to the inverter? I built a unit very and have received comments that the inverter placement will quickly kill the battery.

  5. thanks again. i put a solar generator together from your video 4 years ago. ive made modifications as well however the principal is still in tact. i appreciate you sharing.

  6. This is the best instructional video I’ve watched on solar generator. I will be looking at the componants list to start a list of my own. Thanks again.
    Bruce from Iowa

  7. good effort, but that battery would not last long with any reasonable load on the inverter. As I write this in 2020, LiFePo4 batteries have come down in price and you could get 4 times the capacity in the same battery space.

  8. I have a question, If the inverter has internal fuses, why do you need a fuse relay and bus bar? Im not building my box with as much stuff as you and I'm wondering why I need a fuse box if the inverter has fuses. Thanks for any help.

  9. Most of these comments are quite old. I'd like to know if everyone is still using or recommending the Kreiger Invverter or if there is something better. I was wondering about Renogy Inverters with the panels etc. I would like to visit with others regarding recent updates and builds if possible. I'm not sure how to find people or share contact information. My email is and I am on Facebook, but not real sharp using it lol.

  10. I'm not sure how big that optima battery is but for not much more you can get 4, 90Ah lithium iron phosphate batteries so basically a 12v battery for about $200 from AliExpress then You just need a bms so like $50 to $150 depending on the current you need which 3000 watts from one 12v battery is a lot like 250 amps which would not last very long anyways I think I'd go 24v I mean you lose some of the 12v function but you can use a buck converter for everything but a jump start option and also I mean that plug was only a 15A or 20A plug so you can really only pull like 2400 watts anyway

  11. Mark, I just ordered all the parts for the solar generator. I am waiting for delivery. Thank you for this wonderful design. I would love a sticker for my generator.
    Thanks, Patrick

  12. Hi! Thank you for the videos! I realized there is now a 4000watts Inverter. Can I use this inverter with the battery and all other parts that you recommend? I mean, are they compatible or would I need more batteries?
    Thank you! And I would love a sticker if you still have one more left.

  13. This is pretty neat. I am going to see about building one. One enhancement I would like to look into is if it’s possible to adapt this design to charge at an EV charging station. With many of these being free now, it could be a quick / cheap way to fill it with juice.

  14. Great Video- very clear and through instructions and illustrations! I'm looking forward to building this unit. Thanks! Question: How would this design change if the goal was to power the living space of an RV or tiny/small house with lights, computer, DVD/CD/video monitor, refrigerator, and AC in-window unit? Thanks Again!

  15. Love the videos. Best information I have been able to find online. Will be building this over the next few months. Will be adding an additional battery or two as well. Thank you so much for posting this golden information.

  16. Great design! I'm now incorporating several features that you used in my solar generator. One question. Have you found the lights on the side and the top of the case useful?

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