Solar Panel Comparison: What to Consider Before Buying


Before buying solar panels for emergency preparedness, there are several different options you should consider. In this video …

Date: August 24, 2023

38 thoughts on “Solar Panel Comparison: What to Consider Before Buying

  1. We bought the unit to use it for power outages. It requires some minor assembly, which took 5 minutes. it is compact, so it stores easily, and the electric/remote start is a really nice feature. Also like the dual fuel source!

  2. I hope someone can help me, I have 8 used good shape commercial solar panels 36.77V 220w each. Model CHSM6610P-220 (220W). I want to install them on my 16' cargo trailer vto have complete power off grid to use it as a toy hauler / travel trailer. Being off grid for a week at a time. I also want to use the trailer as an emergency power system for my mobile home when the power goes out so I plan on having a connection to power my mobile home in those cases. I already have a 5,000 watt 12v sine wave inverter with 8 to 10k surge. Will be installing a 14k HVAC system in the trailer to keep cool and heat when needed during hunting season. What would be the best way to connect my solar panels together and a good solar controller should I use. Also how many batteries do you think I would need to accomplish this?
    The trailer will have water and a on demand propane tankless water heater and small fridge with led lighting as well.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I want to connect a pv panel to a piece of metal to generate heat directly not electricity. Can I just attach a wire to each end of the rod and not use any "controlling" component??

  4. I have the 220 watt Off Grid TREK solar blanket to charge my BLUETTI AC200 MAX lithium IRON phosphate battery for charging my E-CELLS e-mountain bike (and a cooler in my SUV).

  5. I just got a folding 40wat. I was looking for something easy to pack but good enough to charge my baofeng radio and flashlights. Hope it works, if not I'll send it back and get a better one.

  6. Might want to mention that the blanket from off-grid trek is a trickle only charge. Meaning it holds no charge within the unit, you have to be connected to USB and let it charge slowly. So hard to use while backpacking. You would need to wait until you get to camp unless you connect your device to USB port while hiking with the blanket unrolled. Also just so others are aware. There is no user manual for this. So if you are new to solar charging and expect to power up this device and then quickly charge your phone later, this isn't the answer. Nothing explains that when you receive it. So just be aware of what you are purchasing before hand. I'm sure it works great, but you will be waiting quite a while for a full charge on your device.

  7. Say City Prepping I don’t see the solar panel I am interested in. I had watched a show from Berlin which had an artist using solar panels to be used in a non conventional manner. The artist has designed a solar powered table, and had also had this large thin transparent flexible sheet to place directly over a window on a building. So there are various sizes of this particular panel. Would you know where to find those types of solar panels. There was no information give where those types are made in this video. Your usage for solar panels is more on the practical side and I’m geared toward the creative usage of incorporating them in a non conventional manner. Would you have any knowledge where these other types in looking for are available? Oh, I found the solar panels I’m interested in. They’re made in the Netherlands and designed by the engineer named Marjan von Aubel. She’s very versatile and forward thinking with her designs and usage for solar panels.

  8. Maybe an odd question but I have a small solar kit if I don’t have it plugged in or hooked up it’s just for emergencies would an emp or solar flare still fry the panels or the rest of the system?

  9. I'd like to know which are the most affordable portable solar panels for when you need to leave the house asap with a backpack? Off grid one looks decent though but what other options are there.

  10. Snagged a GoalZero Nomad 50 this last weekend with my 20% off at REI. For the $200 I spent, I’m starting to question if I should return and get something different – any thoughts? Thanks!

  11. Wait, did you just say that the panel degrades in over 75 degrees??? Does this mean shortened life, or reduced output?

    I kind of can't believe something that's designed to be in the sun needs 75 degrees.

  12. Wait, I need a lawyer, or an engineer.

    "If one cell section is covered the entire panel will cease to output energy" except that doesn't seem like what you showed? It looked like both panels weren't putting out anything after covering one panel. And it looked like you covered half a panel and got about half as much. Went by so fast I couldn't understand. I've watched it 4 times now. Can anyone help with clarity?

  13. Hello I really appreciate all your helpful videos. I am new to prepping. We live in Arizona so it’s sunny all the time however we are very close to our neighbors so when TSHTF I want to be prepared and under the radar so it appears the solar way is the way to go. My concerns is powering a refrigerator and probably some kind electric cook-top. We have spent a lot of money on meat And I think cooking outside even with a propane camp stove would draw a lot of attention. Can you tell me what type of solar panels/generators would be good for this? Thank you

  14. This might be a dumb question but I’m thinking of getting solar for my home. Are there alternatives? How do solar generators compare? Where I live in California we rarely have power outages but who knows what’s to come. Thanks God bless

  15. I recently purchase a ecoflow delta. It accepts 400w charging . Should I go with ecoflow solar panels or are there better options as far as price and quality? I plan on using it to camp.

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