Solar Power for dummies, This system is easy!


28 thoughts on “Solar Power for dummies, This system is easy!

  1. $10,000 system is = to 7-8 yrs of monthly hydro bills. The solar panels and batteries will become weaker by yr 10-12…. Honestly it's cool but not worth it. Price of solar and batteries needs to be way more than half the cost to make it feasible. Great video though.

  2. So the first system didnt work because of how the panels werent wired right .?im trying buy the bits to set up off grid solar to run fridge small freezer and lights a few hours.theres so much info .i think 12v car fridge engel and couple led lights will be the max i can sort

  3. One of my friends got a great deal on solar payback. His system collects power to sell back to power company. Most his system runs off public power.? He has never made enough power to sell. Huge house. Over 100k system. Then, his sister in-law moves in , rewiring the batteries from 120v to 222v.. Fried the panels and inverters. He replaced them. Then, she snuck her girlfriend into the house stepping on panels cracking them. He turned his toolshed into a solar office (12v) She rewired them to 24 and 12v at the same time to run a fishtank, setting his shed on fire.. She blames the fridge I gave to his sister years ago..
    If' he wouldn't of done that buy back program, It wouldn't of cost so much to replace all that stuff.. Ohh, his brother in-law burnt down his Rv he inherited from grandpa.
    I love living off grid. My kids are out college and on their own.

  4. Unfortunately most solar places are rip offs. I have not seen solar power save anyone any money. I also do not like our government spending our tax money to give away solar stuff.

  5. Hello Doug. I just bought the same system from Renogy and it didn’t come with any instructions for setting it up. Can you please email a diagram of the steps for setting it up?

  6. Hi Doug, I got the same system that you got. I’m frustrated because it didn’t come with any instructions on setting it up. Can you please explain how to do this?

  7. I always wanted to get some avalanche diodes a special plate and put it up to 10 to 12 meters. The plate would be copper or aluminum with a graphene coating or paint that is water resistant. Suspended from air the idea is use a ground to the antenna to have a circuit to make power by high voltage conversion to current using avalanche diode circuit for more usable power based on something like Tesla did. Will it work, I don't know.

  8. This is interesting to me, as the house Im in has solar panels on the roof and they where hooked up at one point. But the lady who owned the home passed away, and the now owner [ her son] deemed it best to have them shut the panels off. He did this because there was a $335 a month bill from rhe solar company and it didnt seem to be making the electric bill much if any smaller each month. At least not in the summer. We live in Arizona. the electric bill here gets pretty high with the outside temp being 110 degrees or more. Im wondering if we can put the pannels to use. Te company said they will not take them off the house so I say lets use them. Thanks for the idea and info that worked for you, We will have to see what we can do. Great video

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