Solar powered air conditioner setup with EcoFlow Delta 2 Max and 200W solar panels


27 thoughts on “Solar powered air conditioner setup with EcoFlow Delta 2 Max and 200W solar panels

  1. That is not good my friend. You Solar Generator is capable of getting in 1KW of solar. So you are WAY OFF. At that consumption the battery will last you like nothing.

  2. The charging station is good, its quality based and it is designed for max of 5 years, depending on usage, yet, the charging station has to be discarded as well, after exhaustion of its shelf life, since it is built in, the battery is built in, it should be serviceable, yet based on reviews, it is not serviceable, since the battery is built in. Investments for energy security should have the serviceable features needed for being environment friendly, and that it can last for a lifetime based on the cycle of recharge and discharge. The basic batteries can also be configured and recharged and discharged and cleaned for its maximum energy friendly/eco-friendly features.

  3. tried that, losing 1000 KILO WATT output, while only input is 300 Watt from my 800 Watt solar panel, think about it, you are negative from the start, that battery will not stay charge for too long,

  4. So how many times can the Ecoflow be charged before it goes to 80% capacity (I am thinking around 600 to 800 times range) I think because of the fast charge rate they reach capacity sooner, and how long can you run the a/c unit on 1 charge

  5. My understanding of all lithium battery technology is that its really really bad to both charge and discharge a battery at the same time especially when the imput is lower than what its currently outputting and takes a huge chunk out of the life of the battery.

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