TESTING Gas vs Solar Generators – WHICH IS BEST?


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Date: August 24, 2023

34 thoughts on “TESTING Gas vs Solar Generators – WHICH IS BEST?

  1. I would use both. EcoFlow as primary and Honda as a backup to the EcoFlow. As mentioned in the video, if you're in a location with inclement weather and cannot solar charge the EcoFlow (or any other solar generator) and don't have a backup battery, then the Honda (or any other gas generator) serves as a good backup. AND charge the EcoFlow. Just my imo……

  2. This appears as a promo for Ecoflow, not an objective comparison. The comparison is not helpful as the Honda is 2200 watts and the Ecoflow is 2-3 times more. Why not get a Honda with the same power output for comparison? A bit bizarre. The costs for Ecoflow are substantial and not in the realm of affordability for most users. Buy a cheap gas generator and match it with a small battery set up for 200 watts or less. You then get the benefit of both systems. The entire battery industry has to get their prices down by a factor of half to convince users of the cost benefit factors.

  3. Has anyone tried to charge their solar generator with gas? It’s a battery after all, and if you don’t use all the gas gen’s energy it’s wasted. Both would be the best way.

  4. Something I learned from helping out a friend a couple years ago when his town lost power for 3 days is there's no real practical way to have a gas generator as a prep in a apartment. Honestly this is absolutely the best way to go and in a extended outage just take the thing over to a friend's house to top off

  5. You either have a lot of money or your getting free stuff…
    I've only watched a few of your videos but from what I've seen you are always recommending high end, expensive products.

  6. This is not a good comparison. I was expecting a fair comparison. Like fill the tank of the petrol generator let's see how long it can last compared to the ecoflow at full which is 100 plus this is a bias and sponsored video

  7. For the price of the eco flow you could easily have a 9500 watt generator… This is a ridiculous comparison. 2 completely different products, one is a battery one is a generator. Worthless video

  8. I wanted to see when he had everything powered up and running, WHAT the run time was. I saw it said 2. Is that 2 days or 2 hours.??
    Of 2 hours and out of power, That BLOWS . ALSO. On QVC & HSN. Thay ALWAYs talk about the good side of it. If you charge from a car, how long does that take and the car probably need to be running or U will kill the car battery. AND How long does it take to charge from a solar panel .???

  9. You can make gas from plastic bottles. Its made of petrol. Gas is part of the free market, while prices maybe false, you can buy from many suppliers world wide. A battery is locked into the controllers power grid. Sun is now much less and charging is limited and SLOW.

  10. Those solar inverters are cool but you can't really use em for anything like 12k-15k btu window ac. Plus it takes high electricity to charge. Solar panels can be expensive and if you dont get sunshine like ca, it ain't worth it. Generators arnt always the best choice to charge them, too. Neighbors gonna get annoyed.

  11. A solar battery is not a generator, it’s only a medium to store the energy created by a source that generates electricity. When my batteries are fully charged I create hydrogen gas from distilled water through electrolysis and store it under pressure in a tank. I can use that same hydrogen to run my generator to charge my batteries as well as provide power to my house….We have the Sun, wind & water to produce our electricity….

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