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Date: August 24, 2023

40 thoughts on “The $799 Ecoflow Delta 2

  1. I purchased the Delta2 and have been disappointed with the unit as it shuts off for no apparent reason and sometimes will not accept a charge. EcoFlow has essentially been non-responsive except to request a full video production to demonstrate the problems. I was able to get it to work again for a couple days again before the same thing happened again. I sent photos of the screen and a short video of the attempt to turn on but they have not responded at all. I believe the unit is a lemon and simply want it either returned or refunded. Totally disappointed with EcoFlow on this unit. I have other EcoFlow units including those that were part of a kickstarter program that included orphan batteries. As a result I am back to running my old Delta 1300 where I had planned to use the Delta2.

  2. This is $1300 in Ireland or โ‚ฌ1,199 in euro's. i would buy this in a heartbeat if it was โ‚ฌ799. with Vat of 23% this should really be no more than โ‚ฌ999. Definitely some price gouging going on between territories.

  3. Don't suppose you could check out the AFERIY Portable Power Station 2000W and or AFERIY Portable Power Station 1200W because at least where I am the 2000W 1997Wh one costs as much as the EcoFlow Delta 2 and the 1200W 1248Wh one costs significantly less. Obviously the power rating on the AFERIY 1200W is lower at 1200W rather than 1800W, but considering how much cheaper it is and the extra capacity if the stated specs are ture, it's not bad.

    I do plan to build my own system, but that is actually going to be significantly more expensive and I need something to start out with and once the main system is in it can be used as a backup and also I can charge it up at a friends house give them the money that it would cost to charge it plus a little extra for their trouble during the winter months then discharge it into the main array.

    Long term plan is 2 SOK server rack batteries with ~1000W of solar and like a 3kW inverter, thats going to be like ยฃ5000 while I can get 500W of solar and the AFERIY 2000W for ยฃ1300 for the time being. Wish it had a 12V input that could support the full 1200W charging and then I could buy the MPPT charger I plan to put in the final system and the full solar array in as a mid cycle upgrade.

    And it's a Van hence why I am not just going with more solar before going with over 10kWh of capacity 1000W is about as much as you can get on the roof, but 10kWh of batteries is manageable to fit in the van and I live in the UK so many days of autonomy will come in very useful during the winter.

    Also yeh I know I will have to reconfigure the solar wiring one I go to the full system as I will have to go full parallel for the power bank because it's 12V only, while the SOK batteries are 48V and I will need to maintain 20V or higher over that so I will have to go full series, but I will be doubling the size of the array at the same time anyway so NP.

  4. Has anyone reversed engineered the extra additional battery? The Delta 2 seems correctly priced ($799), but the additional battery seems expensive in comparison. Could another brand battery be added?

  5. I suggest viewers look at other reviews of this product and donโ€™t rule out recent Bluetti units either. This product has downsides not mentioned in this review. Look around.
    Btw, I own two EF and two Bluetti power stations. No issues with the units.

  6. What a difference a year makes ๐Ÿ™‚ I've kind of followed the different videos you have done and you have a great knowledge of this stuff… thanks for sharing. I will say, I tried to call Ecoflow to ask some questions and sat on the phone for 47 minutes.. the tech answered terrible communication and he hung up in 2 minutes in to the call… .he didn't even finish listening to my question. This may not be the correct place to ask this but here goes. When we go out in our Travel Trailer where there is no hookups I have gas generators to run everything… but at night when the Gen is off we like to watch Videos… I have a 27" sony LED TV and a media player. I measured the draw of both those items playing a video and we get a pretty constant draw of 60 watts (on AC) . At night I"'ve been using a group 24 deep cycle marine/RV interstate battery with a 350 watt beltek 12 to 110 v ac interter and we can run several nights with that set up… and I can run a battery charger durring the day with the generator to top off the batteries. So, now, I have to replace my battery (4 years) and started to see the EcoFlow where I found your videos… .My question is if I change out the wet cell battery with one of these EcoFlow 1024 unit be worth it… right now.. .no solar and don't know if we would go that way… but my main use if entertainment at night.. .all our lights in the TT is handled by our 2 golf cart trojan 105 batteries. the EcoFlow as an all in one package is starting to look better at their lower prices.

  7. I got a small Jackery a couple years ago for my CPAP. I was surprised how many uses my wife found for it so got another for her. She saw this Eco-Flo in a NY Times review and asked me to check it out. It was lucky that I found this review by my most trusted battery wizard! Thanks for the video Will !!!

  8. The Anker shown has a 30amp plug – that would connect my 5th wheel. That's why I lean towards it instead of two EFD2's. Am I missing something?

  9. My Delta 2 arrived and it is great. I ordered one of their refurb 160W portable solar panels and am waiting on it now.
    I am planning to buy an additional refurb 160w panel and cables to put 2 in series. It is the cheapest $/W (using refurb to save some cash). I can't run 3 of their 160W panels in series since the voltage will exceed the 60V solar input limit of the Delta 2. The original Delta had a solar input voltage of 65V/10A limit. The Delta 2 has a 15A solar input.
    I am kind of "playing" with this to learn.

  10. I have a delta 2 and it has a boost switch in the app which bumps power to 2700 watts. Using the boost is not as clean power but works quite well for a microwave or your heat gun.
    A very good review as always.
    Thanks Will.

  11. Will, can the Delta 2 support over-paneling the solar? Keep it under 60Voc, and use say, 600-800w of panels in series-parallel, to better achieve full solar charge rate while in less than ideal conditions? The winning combo for me was pairing the Delta 2 with the Wave 2 portable air conditioner/heater with battery. The Wave 2 battery can also double as a spare to connect to the Delta 2, and has slightly more capacity (1152Wh?) over the Delta 2 extra battery (1024Wh), not to mention a lower profile and extra ports. The combo is more than the sum of the parts for being useful.

  12. Bought mine in April 2023 and used 2 or 3 times camping I noticed an extremely annoying Buzzing, not the fan, like an electronic humming loud enough to annoy you all night while charging. I've been trying to contact Ecoflow since July 16th, almost a month, thru their channel and it is a pain to get they attention. Customer service has been a pain for me so far. I sent an email after a week someone responds asking for details then I automatically respond and again no one reply back. I've sent innumerous emails. Today I decided to call and after almost 20 min someone told me to wait 48 hours for a shipping label. Buyers be Aware. Ecoflow pays, sponsors, gives stuff for free to get this really nice reviews. Just be aware. I will be back with my resolution when it happens.

  13. Is it possible to go from PV, to charge controller, to battery, to fuse, to 3,000 watt inverter with cut off end and 30amp plug added, to breaker panel with 30 amp receptacle, to power 110 outlet in cabin.

  14. Hi Will, Looks like you put this video out 8 days ago and Iโ€™ve been trying to find the Delta 2 everywhere including your supplied link. I canโ€™t find it anywhere for $799. Can you provide the place where youโ€™re finding it for $799? Love your videos! Thanks๐Ÿค 

  15. Jackery gets a lot of crap for being over rated and underwhelming but they can handle more extreme temps w reliability, are there any other ones that compete in that way?

  16. Anyone know what happened to the inductive loads running off inverters video?

    I can't seem to find it. Not sure if it was removed, or just the title and thumbnail were chsnged….which is becoming more common on YouTube.

  17. I found it interesting that it is a relatively light unit. Until these units become more modular I think itโ€™s an important consideration in terms of sending these units in for repair. Really heavy units are prohibitively expensive to ship back-and-forth.

  18. I have this Delta 2 unit. My only issue is that when both solar and AC power are connected at the same time, the unit will ignore the solar completely and will only charge using the AC. The BLUETTI will favor solar.

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