The Cheap Way to Upgrade Your Solar Generator Capacity: REDODO LiFePo4 vs expensive add-on battery


This is the cheapest way to add capacity to your Solar Generator. Connect it to a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. There are some …

Date: August 24, 2023

39 thoughts on “The Cheap Way to Upgrade Your Solar Generator Capacity: REDODO LiFePo4 vs expensive add-on battery

  1. There are several ways to increase the wattage from the batteries. In a pinch, I use my 4 12v 100ah LifePO4 batteries that I just use a 1k inverter to power my Bluetti ac200p charger, yes I lose some wattage but with 400wh of battery not a big deal..

  2. great content, just subscribed. question? can i connect my solar gen to my house battery on the rv. Wondering with the charge controller connected to the house battery charging it and being connnected to it? thanks Craig, safe voyage.

  3. the reason why for example you get less power usage with a max 100 watt from the 12 v battery and you get the full 2000 plus watts from the bluetti is because it has it's own sine wave convert for ac applications. it's more or less an extra power station with wires that can connect it to the original power station. It' is not just a battery however you can more or less buy a cheap sign wave converter and turn your battery pack into a similar product for cheaper much cheaper,

  4. Get a "power wheels adapter" for your drill battery brand. Wire a 5.5mm plug onto the end of it.

    I have a little 280wh rockpals gen and doing this with a 6ah Bosch drill battery adds 113wh.

  5. Don't call it a "solar generator". Generators make electricity. That does not make electricity. The solar panels are closer to the technical name of "generator". Those battery and inverter combos are in no way shape or form a generator.

  6. How am I best to change the simple LiFePO4 battery? Should I have some controller between the power source and the battery? My ideal situation would be charging back from the Solar Generator once it’s fully charged.

  7. Great video, I’d love to expand the capacity of my setup which is a ALLPOWERS S1500, but one question please, what equipment would I need to be able to charge the additional battery using my ALLPOWERS S1500?

  8. Question: im installing an 8000 or 10k btu window unit to my off grid hubting cabin. The ma'am wants ac pretty much all day during our summer trips to keep her from murdering me. Im looking at a bluetti ac200max, 4 pv200 pannels, and a b230. Would i be better off gettinf another b230 or would these redodo batteries suffice to help keep me from getting murdered by a sweaty and overheating psycho?

  9. You can get faster charging if you have higher voltage from your battery. Wire multiple batteries in series, or use a single higher voltage battery, and you would get the voltage to charge faster. If you wire your battery series up to 72V you will charge the bluetti at 700w.

  10. I have a gz yeti 400 lithium which has just one 8mm input with max input voltage of 22v. Would it be possible to do this without a step up converter or with a 12v to 18v step up? I’m hoping I can run solar panels through a charge controller to a lifepo4 battery (50 or 100ah) and then connect the battery directly to the 8mm input on the yeti, with or without a step up converter. Do you think this would work or am I missing something? Thanks!

  11. I would def. recommend going with a 24V battery if you're going to be using it to recharge a power station. Assuming of course that the solar input of the station can use the increased power. You could also get a voltage converter.

  12. I'm fairly new to solar so, a question: When you are charging a small Bluetti, is the power from the exterior battery used up first & when the battery is "empty" does the electricity then automatically flow from Bluetti internal battery? I have a teardrop camper and use the Bluetti EBPA3A to separately power our small refridge when camping off grid. Space is at a premium when using teardrops, however, I could fit a smaller exterior battery on the counter to charge the refridge through the night (and help on cloudy days). I just need to make sure that the method shown in the video will use one battery at a time to ensure I'll get the watt hours that I'll need and that the batteries change over automatically if I am asleep or away from camp. If they do so an added advantage for me is that my equipment will be small and light weight which is desirable for a 75 yr old women with arthritis. Hope this makes sense.

  13. Good video, I would like to hear something on charging options in regards to these batteries, from my point of veiw I'm using a non grid-tide 3 solar panel array of total 1230watts but each panel facing in different directions so not to over charge at any time of day. I bought bluette ac200max to avoid me having to install charge controllers and inverters. with this type of battery you have shown means I need another charging sauce, could I utilise my exsisting panels somehow, also do you not have to go into bluette menu and change from solar imput to car charge to use the battery and again to go back to solar each morning, if the sun comes up?

  14. I have the Bluetti EB70S and use it as a UPS for our pellet stove because it was advertised as having pass-thru charging. Technically, that's true but have learned the hard way that it will eventually run dead after a week straight powering the stove….. even when plugged in. Bluetti has confirmed this and won't do anything about it (no partial refund, 2nd smaller unit, etc). Just like your in video, I bought a 200AH LFP battery for when the Bluetti is virtually dead and the power goes out so that my family can still stay warm and I'm away for work. Very disappointed, but can definitely use it for camping/overlanding. The EB70S will run down to about 60% when running a heated mattress pad on low overnight. Still a win, but the false advertising from Bluetti is a major disappointment. I expected better from them

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