The Ecoflow Delta Pro


Ecoflow Delta Pro (Affiliate link): Delta Pro Expansion Battery: …

Date: August 25, 2023

43 thoughts on “The Ecoflow Delta Pro

  1. Ecoflow Delta Pro (Affiliate link):

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  2. I have a 21 ft Forest River Wildwood FSX RV. 30 amp. Would I be able to use the Delta pro to power this in boondocking. You mentioned in the video that it should be only 25 amps to plug in using that RV outlet. Would it work for my RV?

  3. Not for off-grid but for grid down, what will be needed?

    Can a consumer install something similar to a switch gear with a combo like the ones shown?

    What need to be done to have a house or condo to have the system connected to the property power and it start working automatically if there is a power outage?

    I assume the new Delta Pro 2 may change your assessment

  4. Is it mandatory or highly recommended for the EcoFlow Delta Pro battery to be "cycled"? Or is this simply something the EcoFlow Delta Pro is capable of?

  5. The latest firmware update breaks the pure sine wave power advertised. Turn "Energy management" setting on and use the unit in pass-through mode (the unit connected to your mains power with your appliances connected to the unit). As soon as the unit switches to battery power based on the energy management setting, the power delivered by the unit drops from 240v to 230v and unpure power is delivered to my devices. This means a buzzing noise coming from some of my connected speakers, my fridge light flickering. This happens with both of my devices after updating. And I can say confidently after trying to talk to them that Ecoflow customer support sucks.

  6. Between you and Hobo, I canโ€™t find better guys to watch for honest reviews. That being said, Iโ€™m about as tech stupid as it gets, so please donโ€™t get annoyed by my ignorance please ๐Ÿคฃ. I understand that it has pass through charging, but you canโ€™t run anything over 1600 watts while itโ€™s plugged into solar, which is what Iโ€™m wanting to do. So when the sun goes down, Iโ€™m assuming Iโ€™m still limited to the 1600watts, correct? Second questionโ€ฆI have this in the shopping cart on Santan Solars site. I added in 8 250w panels. If they put out 80% of whatโ€™s listed, then they should enough to work this thing, right? And I forgot my third question ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜…. But if this will work PLEASE let me know

  7. Will, Would you mind helping me figure out if this setup would work with my RV? I have a 50 AMP RV. I want to use these as my off grid power source. I want to use 3-180W panels through a 40 amp solar controller. I am confused in the solar charging of the batteries. What do I use from solar controller to batteries?

  8. For a larger size system which equipment is the best option, Eco FlowDelta Pro, Bluetti AC 300 or the larger Zendure? I am a senior and I am certainly handicapped. I want to have a good power backup system for my wife in case I am not available. Today I have a couple of Honda generators (one large and one small with a manual transfer switch. I need something without the fuel, noise, fumes and the other associated complexities. I most likely will not be available in any helpful capacity in ten years but I want to properly support my wife. Any help would be very appreciated.

  9. Im finding it hard as a person who doesnt know KWH and those things what these back up power devices can do. I would like it if someone would say… this can run a double fridge for 4 days or a fridge, tv, freezer, microwave for (x minutes) etc for 10 hours. Something more relative to the general persons understanding. As a non power technical person its difficult to read up and study everything. And i also want to know if the power goes out does this thing kick in automatically with no down time like a UPS.

  10. I went with the delta pro for the mobility. I have the extra battery and when I had to move them it was very convenient. I had to. Lift these units one step up and they were a ball buster. I can just imagine how much work it would be without wheels and handles.๐Ÿ‘

  11. Nice review! I use 25 % capacity of the battery everynight and i charge from the sun in the morning and i need to know which is the best level to stop charging.
    IS 90 % THE BEST OR LOWER????

  12. Which would you recommend for a sprinter van rv? These look like a pretty easy plug and play system that takes up about the same space in a van that doing all the power stuff from scratch would take up?

  13. I have used an Ecoflow delta pro for over 5 months everyday. The BMS is very poor. Despite all the advice, the capacity goes down to approx 2400kWH after reset. The fans make a loud noise noise which slowly forces you to move it out of your home

  14. Hi Will, I am designing home backup system and come across your great video. I have a question regarding the AC charging. since I am not planning for 100% off grid, I just want to reduce my energy bill and don't want to spend extra buck to purchase unnecessary large battery pack.
    That being said, having a small amount energy from the grid is ok with me. and my question is really "Can U program eco flow delta pro to charge from AC when battery drop below 5 percent ?".

    I heard there is this term 'reverse UPS ' feature mentioned by some people, not sure if you could put more emphasis on this aspect in the future.


  15. Excellent review(s) of these two units. Very thorough, thanks.
    I have an AC200 MAX and an Off Grid TREK 220 watt solar blanket to charge the AC200 MAX. I use it for car camping power and charging the TWO 52 volt Li-ion batteries of my 2 wheel drive mountain bike (E-CELLS Super Monarch Crown)

  16. I have the same setup however my backup battery never drops below 99% and once connected to main one it doesnt show icon that one battery is connected

  17. Great review, as always. I did buy the 3600 DP.

    My question is, how do you measure the inverter watt usage, let's say, over 12 hours, with a single appliance?

    Everywhere I read, there are different overhead watts—20-30-40-50. I would like to be able to measure the exact watts used by the inverter.

  18. Will this system work in a skoolie to run 12 volt ref.and other 12 volt items. Oppose to big battery system. We have 1100 watts of solar on the roof to charge with. Thanks Craig

  19. ANYONE out there doing the same as what I would like to do? I'm looking to use something like the Delta Pro setup to run our small house during the day when electricity is @ 15cents per kW and charge the solar generator over night when our electricity is at 7cents per kw. Plus we would have the solar generator setup for when the grid is down as a back up – to allow us to use our gas generator even less. When we can afford it – I plan to buy some bi-facial panels so we can charge the solar generator setup during the days when we have enough sun and run the house. I also want to be able to take a Delta Pro on the road when needing to run the 12v stuff in our RV or when I use my G3500 Project for a road trip. (That way I don't have to buy and have so many solar generator units taking up space.)

  20. Excellent and informative video (AS ALWAYS). I am looking for a solar generator for my 30/50 AMP travel trailer. Could you possibly do a side – by – side video between the AC30o and the Ecoflow Delta Pro?

    Keep up the great work & Thank you

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