The EcoFlow River 2 is The BEST Power Station of 2023 – & It Should BE BANNED!


The EcoFlow River 2 has a 256 Wh LiFePO4 (LFP) battery and a 300 watt AC inverter. This power station is Wi-Fi enabled and …

Date: August 25, 2023

33 thoughts on “The EcoFlow River 2 is The BEST Power Station of 2023 – & It Should BE BANNED!

  1. Mine was faulty out of box, now they want me to pay to send it back(& still wondering what to do w/ the solar panel & cord I bought separately). Customer service is brutal! I would not recommend anything from EcoFlow after this ordeal. Quality control is crap.

  2. I have told a few people that if they have a Quest 2 or other stand alone VR headset, to get something like this, and make a strap that lest you carry it on your back, and be able to power you Quest for says without it running out of power wile using it.

    Many who spend hours in something like VRchat, and use a Quest, often enough complain they have run out of juice, and have to log off to charge it. Sad.

    As is, am planing on getting a Quest 3, my second standalone, to my first, the Gear VR headset. So I should take my own advice and invest in something like this, to power it wile in use.

  3. After comparing a few I decided on this one before ever seeing this video. It’s so practical and modern it fits my small needs of just charging devices, running low power fan, and outlets for the odd device I need to provide some temporary power to. Enough to get me through a small power outage.

    Still looking at options for major appliance backup in case of outages. But I don’t have the budget. For now, a cooler and ice is enough.

  4. I have seen a lot of reviews on these…many bad reviews on build, burnout, company, etc. Anyone else experience this? Have a Goal Zero 500x and looking for a replacement, and the River Pro has my attention. Thx!

  5. Man these things are cool but I can not imagine a single situation where I would ever need them. I can not even remember the last time I needed a basic power bank, so one of these would be complete overkill.

  6. I regret i bought one. I bought it for my tiny house but the fan is so annoying! And it can't be switched off other than pulling the plug to the solar panel.

  7. I have the Ecoflow River 2 Max and would never use the boost function. That’s the best way to use these. 300 watts River 2, 500 watts River 2 Max and 800 watts River 2 Pro.

  8. Considering between Jackery 300, Ecoflow River 2, Bluetti EB3A and Anker Powerhorse 521. Bluetti seems too heavy (I’m a girl), Ecoflow too loud, don’t fully trust Anker (my small anker powerbank is awesome but had a docking station from them and it was overheating, they couldn’t find a solution). I’m thinking to just go with Jackery 300 which seems smallest and most quiet, even though it supposedly lacks modern functions but I have not seen one bad review on Jackery. I also do like retro look of Jackery and I like that there is no app, I don’t want yet another app for something. The only thing I don’t like is long charging time but that may be safer too.

  9. Truth, m trying to figure out how much power I need m sure at least 1500 to 3000 problem is more watt the heavier they get and more money they cost I have two small jackeries but I need more it’s really compatitive out here

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