The EcoFlow River 2 Pro Should Be Your First Power Station, and Here’s Why!


25 thoughts on “The EcoFlow River 2 Pro Should Be Your First Power Station, and Here’s Why!

  1. I'm looking to power my garage freezer (420 watts pull) in a power outage situation. Also, a utility pump in case of flooding in my furnace room. You mentioned a couple of times this is for portable and not for emergencies. I'd like more information on why this would not be good for emergencies. ???

  2. Great video thanks !
    As a tv cameraman i can need power in all sorts of of equipment in different places for different time spans, i have also looked into having a system installed in my car that would void the warranty and be costly to do plus have to do this every-time i change the vehicle.

    These systems seems to be the logical solution, love the quick charging feature so popping into McDonald's for a coffee would be good. Getting the right capacity is the important part ! I'm needing to charge V-lock camera batteries, power a Starlink and LiveU throughout the day, not forgetting the mobile phone!

  3. cpap for grandpa lol I've been using one since i was 24 now 37. Cpap is way more common than most know.. thanks for the video hoping to get one of these for camping for yup you guessed it my cpap.

  4. Your mention of a deteriorating power grid is very true for us folks in South Africa. We have 3 or 4 scheduled 2 hour blackouts per day, now going up to 4 hour blackouts. Looking at this and the Delta 2 with third party solar as a good options for a minimal appliances like a TV & modern fridge.

  5. Very good review. I would use this for a variety of things. From having a little juice for power outages, keep the internet up and running, to recharging my electronics during power outages (tablet, laptop, phone) to recharging my drone batteries while flying. I also enjoy off-roading and camping with my Jeep, so maybe this could power a mini-fridge, my k-cup coffee maker, and MAYBE a hotplate, though I would probably use propane for that. Great review and keep up the good work here at 51 Drones!

  6. I have my Starlink and security cameras plugged into mine with a 100 ah lifepo4 plugged into the solar port. Gives me more than a full day of power out network infrastructure. Yes it works as a UPS.

  7. I have a 160w EcoFlow solar panel and it works great. I really don't like the case turning into a stand. It is a beautiful case, but the support like you're showing that it changes into just sucks to me. If this just had an optional stand legs that just came out like on the Bluetti and other brands for example which I think are a lot more sturdy would be much better then this. Also, why is there no pouch built into the case to help store a few cables? The cables that come off are way hard and also way short. 3' of cable is pretty janky when others give you over 3 meters of cable to plug into.

    The charging is great and boy these things are seriously waterproof! I have never seen portable solar panels you see people litterally stick into a river and it charges just fine! That is a huge win for EcoFlow!

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