The NEW EcoFlow Delta 2 MAX – LFP Batteries – QUIET FANS – 1000 Watts of Solar – FULLY TESTED!


EcoFlow has released the 2nd gen of the Delta MAX series! It’s a beast of a power station and in this video we do extensive testing …

Date: August 24, 2023

20 thoughts on “The NEW EcoFlow Delta 2 MAX – LFP Batteries – QUIET FANS – 1000 Watts of Solar – FULLY TESTED!

  1. Hey, hope you will reply me.

    Watched all videos about ecoflow, bluetti, and on video with comparion of ac200 bluetti, you showed that amp buzz was really low, but when I check video about Pecron E2000 LFP where you also showed buzz of ac200max, it was much much worse than in video with comparison of 3x ac200.

    Also in video about pecron, delta 2 has much lower noise than in video about delta 2 max, where you also showed delta 2 in comparsion with delta 2 max and it was much noisier.

    Just making no sense…

    I'm audiophile so concidering between delta 2 max and ac200max to get the lowest noise possible.

  2. Great video! Really looking forward to more info on hacking our own 'expansion' batteries. Question: With the Delta2Max's dual 60V 15A solar inputs, did it really limit each to 500W despite that it theoretically could handle 900W (60×15) and voltage is usually the limiting variable, or was that just a coincidence with your panel & sun setup?

  3. The one thing I cared most about was not properly demonstrated because you connected another battery to it. I’d like to know how long it would last with say a fridge, a fan, some lightbulbs and a TV plugged into it (in case of a power outage)

  4. Working
    NG i

    Working innf

    Working into "sound world", just know thay every time you get a 9-10dB variation, it represents TWICE the volume we humans perceive as the actual sound volume being blasted out… So from 60 to 46 décibels, it's a wooorld of improvement when living into a camper !!!!

  5. Great review, the Delta 2 Max looks like a really nice piece of equipment however I've already bought the Delta 2 and extra battery, my budget won't allow more lol

  6. Hello again from Spain, Jasón, tengo una pregunta porfavor, la batería adicional Delta2(1kw) es compatible, se puede usar junto con la Ecoflow Delta2 Max(2kw) ? Thanks again!

  7. So I have another question for you! (I'm still learning and love this stuff and you seem to be very knowledgable!)

    I have this Delta 2 Max and two EcoFlow 400W panels. I've read a bunch and seem to understand how the MPPT charge controller works (roughly), but I'm able to connect my two panels in parallel correct? Which would technically exceed the max current (and 500W cap of the solar port). To my understanding, The Delta 2 Max and the charge controller will limit the current coming in. And in this video, your four 180W panels would theoretically output 720W so it does cap at 500W, but would it be bad to input 800W or more (assuming you NEVER exceed the voltage limit)?

    Looking forward to hear what you think! I trust you and your vast knowledge on this stuff. I appreciate all the helpful videos!


  8. I’m a newbie and trying to understand the solar ports on this model…is it correct that EACH port can handle up to 60voc or is it 60voc total across both ports? I understand that in series you must add each of the panel’s in the series voc rating to get the total output. Thanks in advance.

  9. I am looking for a home emergency backup system. I am trying to decide between the new Delta 2 Max and the new Jackery 2000 plus. If I go on vacation and use the system in UPS mode for my refrigerator and freezer and the battery goes dead, does either system turn back on when either solar or ac come back on?

  10. Hey Jasonoid! Thanks for all your work on these reviews. I'm interested in a Solar Power Station for use as a music PA system – so inverter noise is VERY important. This review shows the Delta2 max with around 1538mV of noise and seems nice and quiet through the amp, whereas your Pecron E600LFP shows slightly more 1546mV and makes an audible buzz. Is this due to the amp settings? Would you say the Delta2 max is noticeabley quieter noise wise than the Pecron E600?

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