The Truth about Solar Generators/Power Banks


What you need to know before buying solar panels for your power bank/solar generator, especially for overlanding or camping.

Date: August 24, 2023

23 thoughts on “The Truth about Solar Generators/Power Banks

  1. The way I look at solar generation is it supplements the gas generators period. you run your gas generator for an hour ,charge the solar generator and use all the electricity you can plus the electricity extras then go use the solar panels as much as you can . That’s it .

  2. Your intro description at opening is spot on. My RV solar to these new solar generators, they market that they run anything forever. Lucky power generation was in my background, i realize the industry big lie. so good eyeopener for your audience.

  3. Utah Jeff ….here ….,I do totally agree with most of your video presentation…. Having used a power bank and solar panels this summer on 2 week vacation to Oregon for the first time. Overall it worked pretty well for me…. It is nice having lights etc. but the weather and surroundings does present some challenges. I have 2 – 100 watt panels and if you get 120-140 wats between 10 am – 2 pm in many cases that is as good as it gets …. that is summertime …If I were to do it again I probably would purchase a 1000 watt power station

  4. Thank you for bringing this to surface.
    Solar Panels are not what most people expect them to be. It is somewhat of a pain in the backside to have to keep on re-positioning them for many hours at a time under ideal sunlight exposure. Then
    when you experience cloudy days the power output of the panels becomes very disappointing. Most times, if you want reliability, it's best to have the old tried and true loud gas generator.

  5. Hello there, I just purchased a Rockpals 300w solar generator. The manual says to completely discharge it before the first charge . That sounds wrong but states that clearly. I don’t want to damage it but I do want to treat it with optimum care. Is this information correct? Thanks in advance

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