BLUETTI AC200Max (affiliate link) – I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite Power Stations yet, allowing a massive …

Date: August 24, 2023

29 thoughts on “This Could TAKE YOU OFF-GRID | BLUETTI AC200MAX + PV200

  1. You're inconsistent with the usage of units and it's confusing viewers new to the concepts of energy and power. For example, at 3:10 you say "…if it's pulling 2000 watts this only has 2000 watts unless you've got the extra batteries…." You should have said: "…if it's pulling 2000 watts this only has 2000 watt-HOURS unless you've got the extra batteries…."

  2. I ordered one last week and 45 minutes later we had one of the worst thunderstorms in history, a tornado and a power failure. Wish I had ordered it the week before but at least I'll be ready next time. Like you said it was on special $1799.

  3. I bought an AC200Max, 2 B230 expansion batteries and five PV200 solar panels, with the objective of using that power our "country" house. I look forward to letting you know how the system works in a month or two.

  4. I'm not really savvy when it comes to watts, votage, amperage, etc. In simple words, if I have a blackout and I'm plugging in 2 fridges, a couple of fans, TV, and charging cellphones etc. Approximately how long will this unit run for without needing to recharge?
    I am thinking about one of these units because I live in Puerto Rico and we get yearly hurricanes 🌀 that destroy the entire island.
    If you can be so kind and explain in simple terms I'd appreciate it.
    Nice channel btw. You seem to be very knowledgeable.

  5. So another words you just saying it's a small generator first small loads or maybe just for a light in your cabin with TV and a couple and maybe just our refrigerator with all that but then again you might hookah microwave to that but that's about it. Maybe should have got two AC300 and some of the batteries to go with it for each and run everything in your cabin and not have to worry about it. Of course with my Smart House I need to get two AC500 and their batteries I just come up with a little bit of shortness of power.

  6. What gauge wire are the adapters? I just bought a 300w solar panel that came with 14awg wire. I wanted to buy 10awg extension (10foot) wire with 10 awg adapters. Would this be ok or get 12awg ? 300w single panel for now . Maybe two 300w panels in series down the road. Thank you

  7. Question kinda new at this will be getting solar with net metering would it be possible to have a switch on electric panel to be able to charge with my solar panels it will be a 6kwh system live in NYC with attached row houses so no battery system allowed just want to have this in case just to use fridge and small ac in case of blackout Thanks

  8. Hi, on other YouTube channels , the major complains we’re their customer service or lack there of. Do you know why they are Soooo bad with their customer service??

  9. I purchased equipment 2 weeks ago and received only my solar panels. I have emailed sales and service several times and called every number I can find with no luck reaching a human or mailbox to leave a message. I am livid and this is completely unacceptable customer service. Can someone from Bluetti contact these people??

  10. Only thing I plan on powering is a 5000btu ac a few little led lights and maybe a 32 tv in a homemade teardrop rv…. Roughly how long would this battery last and how many solar panels to recharge it during the day . Could I use a gas generator. Plan is on trip is to Use generator to charge the battery during the day while driving and then at night use the battery

  11. Its not that its not a nice item you're peddling here but its not going to take you off grid even with the expansion. This is great for an emergency power outage where you need to power say a piece of medical equipment or a fridge for a day or two. Its no where near large enough to go off grid with unless the only thing you want to power off grid is that fridge and the batteries for your cordless power tools. Its also SUPER expensive for what you get. Just the base unit is $2000. For $2,000 you can get a 5kw 48v lifepo4 battery (with integrated BMS) and an inverter. That would get you exactly the same ability level you have with this but twice as much capacity.

  12. Nice system , the price should be a bit lower. The AC 300 is a great system for not much more. Saving for the ac300 , soon as the price drops about 300 its mine , with 2 additional batteries

  13. What are your thoughts on using this with a Dometic CFX3 100L (there biggest dual zone fridge)? My plane would be to get the Bluetti in your video with there solar panels as well. Curious also how long this would power the 100L fridge as well. Not sure if you know how to calculate that?

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