Titan Solar Generator final


The New Titan Solar Generator is ready! More info at: Battery specs For …

Date: August 25, 2023

28 thoughts on “Titan Solar Generator final

  1. Mini Winter Solar Tip: You can gradually turn down a Beuler and all other hungry electricity consumers with the "5000W dimmer". Ebay €7. I run 5 dimmers in parallel on an 850W inverter. Kettle 2.2KW at 150W runs 12 hours a day, so the water is always hot. The room is also nicely heated. 2.5KW washing machine runs in parallel with dimmed to 200…400W. Iron, dishwasher, oven, electric heater, coffee machine, all internal heating are throttled with me. Videos about it on my channel The inverter stays cool, quiet and the MOSFETs remain intact because extreme current peaks no longer arrive at the inverter. Now every Mini PV Inverter is enough to sell large devices. So, with the dimmer, all internal heaters/devices can be converted into base load devices that stay almost permanently ON, drawing very little current directly from the PV. You can measure this with a wattmeter / energy cost meter.

  2. I'm really loving the modularity and portability design… Do you know if Point Zero plans on offering an EV charging outlet? Synonymous to bringing a full gas can for long road trips, the use-case is for bringing something like this in the back of an EV SUV/car as an auxiliary fast-charger when the vehicle's lithium batteries have been exhausted. Thanks!

  3. Any plans to add Bluetooth capability to display data? I am looking to use for an RV, but will need to put it in the under the bed storage space, and not be able to easily check the data.

  4. How do I get help if I don't understand AC, DC, wattage or amps. I have medical life support equipment I must run every night plus wall AC and other items during power outages. HELP!

  5. When I get my tax returns is when I plan to order something like this but will probably end up going with somthing that's not going to take 6 months to get. Great product though. Should try to get the back order problem fixed. I'm sure tax season you guys will get a lot of orders, probably even more orders if it wasnt for such a huge delay.

  6. Lots of common sense suggestions but be assured that users will miss these and stack unbalanced batteries and hook up all kinds of weird inputs then claim warranty. If you know of a bad scenario that will damage the unit then it will pay off to engineer it out.

  7. Watched the YouTube video where Will Prowse reviewed the prototype of this generator. I was so impressed I ordered one right away. The company was so nice to me and helpful, giving me all the advice a person could ask for, until I had paid for the Titan 1000 kit. Then they said they couldn’t ship the rigid panels (which THEY Recommended I buy) to Canada for free. I paid extra to have the panels shipped from the USA to Canada, and in the end the panels were actually shipped to me in BC from CALGARY ALBERTA, in Canada. Quite the rip off. My kit finally arrived, missing the four LED strip lights, MC4 to SAE connector and the MC4 to Anderson adapter, as well as the power cord for the charger to connect to a classic wall receptacle, to be able to charge the battery from grid power. I contacted them and they said they would let Point Zero know. I have heard nothing back from them at all. It seems like they took my money and now don’t care if they give the the product I paid for or about trying to help me now that they have my money.

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