Titan solar generator Running a full size fridge, full size Freezer and a Harmon P68 pellet stove


I show you my Titan Solar Generator powering my full size fridge, full size freezer and my Harman P68 pellet stove. I tried to …

Date: September 9, 2023

22 thoughts on “Titan solar generator Running a full size fridge, full size Freezer and a Harmon P68 pellet stove

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    Hope you liked this video sorry my 1000 watts of panels did not work out the wind was not helping me. If you want to see the 1000 watts of panels hooked up watch my video when I connected the Titan to my camper and ran my AC.

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  2. That looks promising, I will have 2k solar power with using the sun power kits, and an upgraded battery they sell., will use a small fridge, large freezer, and a midea air conditioner as well as a TV. , live in Florida.

  3. Hi Jim, how has this generator been holding up? Would you still recommend it after these few months or you will recommend something else? Also, what brand of solar panels would you recommend?

  4. Very informative video. Moved southwest Florida a month ago and watched as Hurricane Ian veered just south at the last minute. All the while I wished I had a solar set-up like the one I just watched in this video. Power went out for 24 hours but we were sparred so much more loss than our refrigerator contents. But would have felt better had I been able to deployed a set-up like yours that next morning. Now I know the possibilities after watching your video, I'll prepare. Thanks.

  5. Thank you, I have this Titan set up. I was curious how long it would run my fridge and freezer. Thanks for showing me how it works!

  6. love the video! Thank you! This is probably a silly question (I don't know a lot about generators) but does the extra battery just allow you to bank more power as the solar panels sit out? Like say your power was down for a couple weeks, would the extra battery be that helpful? or are you still limited by the same wattage that can be plugged in? it is 3000 watts right? So for your video if you had the extra battery, could you plug more things in? or would the solar panels never be able to bank that much power in a day to recharge both batteries? Would it be better to buy extra solar panels instead? I hope this all makes sense lol

  7. with the crap going on today…the titan will come in handy…I picked the 2000+ unit…extra battery and 2000w of panels last summer…seriously considering picking up two more batteries just for good measure.

    quick question…what is the amperage of your fridge and freezer?

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