TOUGH WATERPROOF 1000w Solar Generator! Montek X-1000 Lithium Power Station Review


43 thoughts on “TOUGH WATERPROOF 1000w Solar Generator! Montek X-1000 Lithium Power Station Review

  1. 1 year review – not a big fan, would not buy again. My Ecoflow Delta 1300 is in every way superior.

    For starters, construction quality is poor. The plastic doors on the sides are flimsy, the metal pins which act as hinges fall out constantly and the closures are weak and very fiddly.

    Next – poor design. The two doors must remain open while it's in use, to prevent overheating, and they are vulnerable to breakage when open. The unit is not particularly stable standing up like a suitcase, so it has to lie down when in use – and this gives it a HUGE footprint for the minimal capacity and output.

    The big selling point is the IP rating but the unit is NOT water-tight when the doors are open, so effectively this is no safer than using any other battery in wet / dusty conditions.

    Finally – I have had this for a year. I have used it perhaps a half dozen or 10 times, charged it as many… and already it will not charge beyond 98%. It just beeps at me and never goes farther. This is unacceptable in a battery of this type. And there is NO customer service to speak of. I bought this specifically to use at events, but ultimately the 'solar generators' I already owned would have worked better. Lesson learned.

    Recommendation: Avoid this unit and brand.

  2. Hi Mr Hobo !
    I've watched a lot of your video reviews great work…this one lead me to purchase the Montek 1000.
    I had a question about the "2000 cycle life to 80%", so i asked Montek about and promptly received their reply.
    It seems there are specific conditions to be met in order to reach the 2000 cycle life.
    Here was my question to them, and their reply.
    To Montek:
    Hi this is a ver goo unit with great reviews. I have a question about the number of recharge cycles. The manual states :

    " Cycle life >2000cycles@ 1C to 80% of initial capacity.

    Does that mean:

    A—i can recharge it >2000 times from 0 % to 100% and by the time i have done this 2000 times the battery will have lost 20% of its capacity and only charge from 0 to 80% ?


    B—does it mean that i should only charge it up to 80% during each recharge cycly in order to get 2000 recharge cycles out of it.

    thank you

    Francis Casey

    21-Sep-2022 11:25 PM
    Monteks reply:


    Thanks for your support!

    There are some conditions for this 2000 cycles, it is tested at 25℃, 0-100%SOC,1C/1C, capacity≥80% of initial capacity.

    When we say 1C/1C, it means that when low battery, you can not use over 3.1V*39A*7=846W, when high battery, you can not use over 4.2V*39A*7=1146W.

    The system could adjust the battery percentage, so you could just recharge to 100% every time, but the usable capacity will be less as time goes on.

    Have a good day!

  3. I've had one for about 3 months, and for the most part I like it, but there are a few caveats.

    The suitcase design does not stand upright without the probability of tipping over, forcing one to use the generator lying flat. This gives it a footprint that is substantially larger than similar capacity solar generators.

    The Montek also needs to be run with the doors open on either side for air flow, which makes this footprint even larger, and it also negates the water resistance.

    For the most part it seems very well made and sturdy, however the side hatches have hinges that come loose, and if you lose those pins you're in a bad shape until new ones can be sent to you. The plastic latches are also kind of flimsy and annoying, and I predict they will break before the end of this unit's lifespan.

    It takes a long time to charge compared to my other generators, and other than the weather resistance, I prefer my EcoFlow Delta 1300 in just about every way. More power, faster charging, sturdier build quality, smaller footprint, lighter weight and generally more portable.

  4. I received mine in this week. While charging for the first time I noticed that the fan did not run at a constant speed. It seemed to vary constantly. Has anyone else experienced this?

  5. I got two of them; absolutely love these! I think for their next iteration, instead of the flashlight, they should have a simple low watt light built in that can illuminate the different ports.

  6. Hobo, did you ever verify a BMS or what!? Is this units battery going to get damaged if charged when it’s too cold like others do!? Really need the info, Brotha! The manual is very uninformative about this kinda stuff. It just says don’t use too hot (Duh) and nothing about the low temp.

  7. As with Any Battery, if you charge it very fast your creating a lot of heat internally in the battery and that’s bad. Try whenever you can to charge it at lower rates and please folks, whenever using it, keep both side doors open so it can cool itself. That’s why it has fans and those fans can’t do their job if the doors are closed. Electronics burn up in high heat so just keep them open whenever you use it.

  8. There is a gentleman that does a video about the special connectors on this unit. They are actually military graded and very good! Wires solder on to pins inside the connector but If your electronically inclined, I would open them up like I did to make sure the solder points aren’t too close to each other.whoever puts the connector together does not use any heat shrink over the solder points and mine were about 2mm apart if that. I will fix that very soon! Everything thing else is rock solid! I love it because It is put together VERY WELL!

  9. If this product were to be infrequently used as an emergency backup, what would be the best method/approach for storing the device to maximize battery life/function?

  10. It’s pretty clear that if it’s charging at all, it’s not water proof because the cooling fans need to do their job. DUH! Throw a tarp over it so it can breath at any point it’s doing anything outside charging or discharging. The main point is that it’s safe being rough with it but don’t be dumb to obvious situations that will need more care. It’s awesome and should be treated that way.

  11. This is so close to what I consider the perfect "backup" product. IE… Ya gotta go, jump in the car and book it. If this had a panel (or even two) that fit inside (which would just include a bigger case and a bit of weight) I would jump on this, I would probably buy 2 of them, 1 fully charging while using the other (also charging). 1500 watt wouldn't hurt either.

  12. Hello I got a question for you🤔 I went up to the site I think this is pretty cool 👍my question to you is I have two 100 watt solar panels that go to my jackery can I use either one of them to charge this? Thanks so much😃 hugs

  13. Cool but what are the largest electrical appliances you can run on the Montek X-1000?

    And how many 100 Watt or 200 watt solar planels could you plug into it and what would be the largest electrical appliance it could handle THEN?

  14. Here is an idea for a video. A compact system that I could fit in my truck or anyone whether it be a van or pickup that when I shut down for the night could run my microwave, fridge, maybe a small heater at night and coffee in the morning. System would recharge off the truck while running for 11 hrs. I'm torn between one of those all in one power stations or designing a system where I could replace components if they fail. What do you think?

  15. I needed a bunch of regulated 12 volt outputs and thanks to your review I found it with this item! I have been using it for a few weeks now and runs everything that I need and charges up great on my 180W panel.

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