Transfer Switch For Generator | Solar Generator + Manual Transfer Switch Setup | How to Guide


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Date: August 25, 2023

13 thoughts on “Transfer Switch For Generator | Solar Generator + Manual Transfer Switch Setup | How to Guide

  1. great video, i'm going to be installing this soon. quick question, obviously the "hot" wire is isolated from the main, when being fed from the EV, but what about the neutral? does the neutral backfeed the main via the bus bar?

  2. Hi, nice straight to the point video. I'm looking into buying one of these generators to hook it up to a transfer switch. I worried about the grounding though; do I have to ground the panels or Delta Pro if I want to place the panels on my roof?

  3. Why not just connect to the whole house using a transfer switch (Which has one big handle), then you would simply shut off the breakers to what you want to shut down?

  4. Please do a video when you actually hook up the transfer switch to your main panel and only utilize one Delta Pro and therefore only one leg of the 240 volts that normally would go into a transfer switch from a generator. I know that you can hook up two Delta pros through their double voltage hub into a transfer switch. However, interested in whether you can just isolate one leg in the main panel. Seems like if you are able to do that, all of the circuit breakers hooked into the transfer switch would all need to be on the left side or the right side of the main panel box

  5. did this work for the delta pro ? I have a transfer switch with outlet already. but was wondering if it just plugs in the same as gas generator without any modifications. or specific transfer switches needed.

  6. ? I have gas generator that runs off a whole house transfer switch. The big cable ends have different plug ends from your set up. I want to buy a solar generator ,possibly eco delta pro. I can’t afford two pros which the company says I need two. Could I do the manual switch like yours and choose the main circuits I need? Would like to run well pump but it might be 240 volts. What’s your opinion?

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