Ultra fast charging Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro


Jackery asked me to take a look at their new Solar Generator 1000 Pro. Discount code SG1000PRO for 10% off Sept 12-Oct 12 …

Date: August 25, 2023

43 thoughts on “Ultra fast charging Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

  1. Bought a yamaha generator that did not work for $100 I clean the carb. Sometimes local campers ask me if i could charge there jackery. That is the reason i watch the video I did not know the jackery cost over $1000 dollars lol.

  2. My friends and I tend to do a lot of base camping trips. We go to an area, set up camp and explore from there. So a lot less time vehicle charging. Would the 1000 be a good option if your vehicle didn't move for two or three days running a fridge? Having the solar panel option. We do surfing trips. High possibility of coastal fog cover.

  3. Nice review. Not many reviews mention battery chemistry. Jackery uses lithium ion which according to them can do 1000 charges till it gets to 80% battery capacity. This was one of the main factors when I was choosing. So I went with lithium iron phosphate which can do 2400 charges till it gets to 80% charging capacity.

  4. Nice review but jackery still isn't using the lithium ferrous batteries like so many other companies. This has some nice features but this alone makes it a non starter for me. I went looking because this is a nice unit otherwise

  5. As soon as you started talking about where they moved the inputs, Donald, I thought of that cubby space where you store yours, and how that would definitely pinch the cables over time. I'm sure many people store their batteries in a similar fashion.

    I have to say that it's an odd design choice on their part.

  6. When are one of these power station companies going to add a 40amp DC to DC charger to the unit? I would really like to see faster charging from the vehicle alternator.

  7. I just ran the numbers on a new 12v system for the truck, and I think that Jackery has finally managed to get close to the price of the standard BC/DC charger, Solar charger, battery and inverter (not even including the cabling etc. The ONLY issues I have with the new system is that rear input and also the fact that there's no other option for 12v output than that cigarette plug. Numerous times I've had that 12v cig plug mov enough to cut off power to my fridge. Overall it looks like a solid new setup, thanks for the detailed review Donald and see you round town!

  8. I have a Jackery but with all LiFePO4 options out there at the same price point keeping the old Li-ion chemistry is a problem for me. If you roll out a new product why keep the old chemistry?

  9. Good morning Donald
    I have to said that you are doing very well with your review on products and like that you are giving the truth about the products and not sugarcoating it
    I’m with you too on my set up I went with setting everything up on a portable battery pack set up due to the fact that I have multiple vehicles that I can use i’m currently using the EcoFlow pro river pack with the auxiliary battery pack each pack at 750 W and have found that
    It work for me it is nice to see that Jackery has done some upgrades on their battery packs Looking at your homes roof have you ever thought of putting solar on your house if you do pm me and I can tell you about my system this nov 15 will be my 3 year mark and the saving I have on my power bill is great thank you for sharing have a great weekend your friend Brian

  10. Yes you can put together a cheaper system DIY. I agree that is a different market. The Jackery problem is that you can put together a power station system just as easy to use with more capacity, better battery chemistry, app control for FAR less money. I bought 5 EcoFlow 160 watt panels for $299/per. I grabbed a Bluetti AC200P on a recent special for $1200. For $2700 total I have better solar with MC-4 standard weatherproof locked connectors vs Jackery propriety which had none of those features. I have a 2000 watt inverter with 2000wh of LFP battery vs old (less safe and less durable) lithium ion in the Jackery. All this for over a grand less than the Jackery setup.

  11. I've been looking around to pick up a portable power station. I just don't know how long it will last over a weekend?
    I need something simple? Any I deal on what size to buy?

  12. It looks like Jackery has been feeling the pinch from their competition. Nice to see that they are finally addressing most of the issues that everyone has been complaining about. The main reasons why I went with Bluetti over Jackery for my own setup seem to have been addressed in this new model. The elephant in the room , for me at any rate, is that Jackery is still using old school lithium – ion batteries instead of the much safer and longer lasting LiFePo batteries. No matter which you choose, the technology inside the case has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Give it a few more years and the battery materials will change again and be even better than what we now get with lithium based components.

  13. Jackery is so out of touch with reality. No LiFePo cells, No wireless charging pad, ridiculously overpriced and proprietary SolarSaga panels with barrel connectors. Please, tell Jackery it’s 2022 not 2012!

  14. Nice job with the review Donald…the fast charging makes it useful cuz who wants to sit around and babysit solar panels all day…but for and hour or so while you're getting breakfast and stuff done is practical. I can't afford the Jackery though😒….I blew my budget on a One Wheel GT😉! The One Wheel will be going along on my camping/overland adventures… unbox and unveil video on the GT is up on my channel btw

  15. Fingers crossed, Jackery, Bluetti, EcoFlow, et al will someday build a unit of this size that offers a 15 amp, 12 volt output for RV camper users versus their current 10 amp, 12 volt DC standard output. Part 2 – like EcoFlow please offer an XT60 charging input, but also a XT60 12 volt DC output port to make for a more secure connection from the camper accessories to the power unit. I say this to as the owner of a truck camper that has both a gas furnace with 12 volt DC blower and a 12 volt DC compressor fridge.

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