Understanding Portable Power – The Jackery 1000 Pro Solar Generator, PERFECT for NOMADS


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Date: August 24, 2023

22 thoughts on “Understanding Portable Power – The Jackery 1000 Pro Solar Generator, PERFECT for NOMADS

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  2. this seemed like an ad for Jackery. What I want to know is WHY do I want a Jackery? Why not simply a 12 volt deep cycle battery? A battery holds more power than the 1000 watt Jackery? I don't understand all the hype about these "Solar power stations" aka, a battery.

  3. I need the jackery 1000. I have the 500 and it won’t heat my heating blanket or run my smoothie machine. I have a lithium battle born in my trailer but it won’t work for this either.

  4. Have you ever had a lithium battery go bad? My goal zero takes in 500 watts. Bought it years ago. Still works. 3000 watt surge, but I find goal zero has terrible customer service. If running a camper, I'd reccomend a battle born battery. 10 year warranty as well.

  5. Thanks bud.
    I have been debating for a while on a new solar generator.
    I'm starting my new house in June.
    I have a jackery 400
    I need a 2000watt.
    Down to
    I really like the jackery so probably going with it.
    Happy Camping to you and Sierra!

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