UPDATED REVIEW Inergy Flex 1500 Solar Generator Power Station


I have used the Inergy Flex 1500 solar generator for awhile and did a follow-up test to see how well it held a charge, recharged …

Date: August 24, 2023

35 thoughts on “UPDATED REVIEW Inergy Flex 1500 Solar Generator Power Station

  1. I got my Flex 1500 recently, finally, after years of waiting. I am generally happy with it. Yes, the latches are a concern. Apparently, their new system, the Flex Tactical, uses a different latching system that looks to be much more promising. Unfortunately, for better or worse, they also added other features to that system which makes it cost more, and thus out of my ability to go after it. The regular Flex 1500 was already going above what I wanted to pay. But, I still haven't seen anything better on the market for my particular use-case-niche. I am working towards gearing up for life on the road in an SUV and a small trailer. Size matters. Space matters. Weight matters. All the other modular systems use heavier components as well as taking up significantly more footprint to account for the connecting wires for the batteries. The Flex is the only one I have seen that does away with battery connecting wires. It isn't a perfect implementation of the concept, but, it's all that I have found for now. So, given my use-case, I still think the Flex is the best option for me. Currently have one base unit, one super charger, and one battery. Another battery is on order and scheduled to arrive in August 2023. I plan on getting more, but waiting on cash first.

    Good review overall. You are not wrong in your assessment. I'd be curious to see how the Flex Tactical will work, and also curious to see if it will somehow be backwards compatible with the regular Flex 1500 components. The current steep pricing of the Tactical though means I'll live vicariously through someone else. It also means, maybe, just maybe, there will be steep discounts on the regular Flex 1500 components soon.

    Caveat* Yes I know the Titan exists, and stacks like the Flex, but the components are too expensive to buy as I live off of a fixed income and need my component purchases to be smaller costs at a time. Also, the Titan is just a bit too big for my use-case.

  2. I see all the positivity toward Inergy. The pro from my perspective is that I am a long time customer of theirs. I bought an Inergy Kodiak. Their customers service was great until it wasn't. The kodiak maybe more of a prototype that went on sale, I will give them that. But patent infringement for the neutrik connectors was in my mind wrong. Doesn't matter if later on they change to another type of connector. They claimed neutrik was the connection and in fact it was not. Neutrik had no idea they were violating their patent from what I understand. I even called neutrik personally and they had no idea this was going on. I asked them " well is this not a patent infringement? and they said, well yes. "

    My Repair for my Kodiak has taken months. I paid $42 for a hazmat box. That was promised to be sent. and well it got lost. I asked for a refund. It was granted. Thanks Inergy.

  3. You went a lot further than I did. You at least purchased that P.O.S whereas I got my money refunded back in 2021. I paid money to this company in April 2021 and was told that it would ship by June 2021. Well, in August, I was quite upset with the company's deceptions and demanded that they return my money! I was given a refund, but was glad in the end not to have supported this company. When a company is deceptive about when and why they can't ship something, I'm out!

    I'm sorry that you're having the problems that you've had, but I was quite pleased to see your video nail the company that I almost went with. I originally purchased the unit because of another Youtuber, and since, I have stopped following the person due to promoting a bad item. You on the other hand, give a completely honest assessment, which everyone who watches this video should be eternally grateful!

  4. 8:40
    I purchased my flex one and a half years ago. The latch did break very disappointed. However, I have found when not in use. I have not had the drainage problem on the battery that he talks about. (Very small amount). I have gotten quite a bit of use around the ranch with it, and it has operated very nicely. I purchased a small air window air conditioner. 8000 btu Midea That is DC powered with a built in inverter, and it runs that with no problem for many hours. I only paid $1100 for my flex brand new so I know many are better, but the price was right.
    I think they are now 1450 but they go on sale I give this unit a thumbs up, excluding the latch problem.

  5. Love my Flex 1500s…Latches and modules work perfect. Every product ever manufactured by man is going to have a certain number of defective parts or units. Just send it back…My Flex units are built like tanks and I use them more than my Jackery, Bluetti and Ecoflow power stations.

  6. I got my money back in late 2021 from Inergy after over a year of delays and immediately purchased from kickstarter the Ecoflow Delta pro and I thank goodness I didn't end up with this piece of hardware. My Delta pro is an absolute beast and has been on nearly continuous duty since December of 21

  7. I still like the flex 1500 better than Ecoflow or Bluetti. The Flex has simple buttons and much better capacity than the Ecoflow or Bluetti’s. Plus u can keep stacking them. I’m keeping my back ordered Flex 1500 batteries. I’ve got 2 coming. I want a stackable system not giant units on wheels.

  8. Was a waste of money. Waiting since Feb. 24 for a box to send it back to get it charged. They keep promising and haven't sent it yet. Very nice when I call but no box over 2 months later. The only place for it is the dump.

  9. Damn. This really breaks my heart because I too waited a very long time for mine. I am active duty military, and at the time this seemed to be the unit to keep my mind at ease to leave with my wife and newborn baby girl in the event I was away and shit hit the fan back at home. Maybe I got a good one, but mine has been sitting in my Mancave (temp controlled) since September of 2022 (now May 2023) and has not really drained. I noticed a like 9% drain I think around December and charged it and has been pretty much at 100%. I also have not really used it, just plugged shit into it when I first got it because I was excited but haven’t run it though it’s paces. My latching system does seem alright, haven’t had any issues but did notice the better system on the Mil version. I was getting upset seeing all these other companies pop up with cheaper systems that were surpassing the Flex 1500 while waiting for mine, but I’m stubborn and continued to wait. Guess I can use it for camping or range and get that Titan for real emergencies. Just read up on their pre-order offer for a home solution, what would y’all recommend???

  10. I am so glad I had cancelled my preorders I had with them originally. By the time these were physically available, they were pretty much obsolete. I think Delta had come out with at least three new models in the same time span. I had also read about the latch problem from one of the first recipients of these.
    Meanwhile, my Kodiak is sitting in the garage, hasn't been charged in probably a year and has been running a fan in there for days and still has full bars. Its kind of a shame that the company have done themselves in.

  11. I'm finished with inergy as a company. They warranted a bad battery with another bad battery, and now they they have stopped responding to my emails. That email response was mid February and nothing since. As far as the useless locking system, I use the back side of a good lock blade knife and go in from the end above the latch and force the metal tab to the unlock position.

  12. I have the same set up as you. My latches are doing the same thing. Unfortunately for the money I am disappointed. If I had the choice I wouldn't but again. Live and l learn.

  13. I am almost ashamed to admit I BOUGHT into this system from Inergy. It all started in 2016 when I ordered their Kodiak/Apex battery/solar generator. it took EIGHTEEN MONTHS to arrive. It only went DOWN HILL from there. I bought 2 FLEX expansion batteries because connecting to ANYTHING ELSE was USELESS. I FINALLY received the SECOND FLEX battery 28 MONTHS (Sept 2022) and after a direct phone call from Jared and a previous call with Sean (CEO) I OFFERED to pack it all up and send it back to them in THE ORIGINAL BOXES, which I STILL have. All they had to do was REIMBURSE ME WHAT I HAD PAID and I would NEXT DAY ship the day after their certified check cleared the bank. NO DEAL!. They EXPECT you to pay and WAIT, AND WAIT, AND WAIT but would not have faith enough to get their product back from me. Does it work? Well, to run small low draw, 550 watts TOTAL or less, and it DOES. Larger draws work, but not recommended. I should have bought the TItan, but I digress. After watching YOU and Will Prowse I built my OWN system. Although NOT as portable it got me though with over 6.2Kw on tap and 800 watts PV on two strings. The Apex and TWO FLEX batteries take an ETERNITY to charge on AC with the miniscule charger from Inergy, so I have done as you show. I trickle charge them with a 100 watt Harbor Freight PV on their MC4 to EC8 cable. OH! the Flex to ring adapter took 18 months of being the " obnoxious customer" to even get the ONE Flex battery to connect to the Apex.
    My ultimate recommendation BUY SOMETHING ELSE (and NOTHING from Inegy) or build your OWN.

  14. I've been following your blog for years and I'm glad you are doing these videos to keep us informed. I also felt that the inergy generators were crap and I've been very impressed by the Titan, but now that the Apollo is out I was wondering if you financed it. If so could you let me know and what the cost would be. Thanks for being there for us and your blog is awesome. Tim from Glendale, Oregon

  15. Good thing that one broken broke on you instead of a bigger one I mean if your AC 500 broke then you broke something that would have really gotten you and hotwire because then you may not bear to run your house especially if you needed two AC 500 for 120/240 volts and 10,000 Watts. Which is more what you need and yes I watch the video of that with you at least you had one of them anyways with a battery or something like that I don't forget to them at the time I don't know if you have two of them now but that's why I don't understand this video with a 1500 watt. Which doesn't impress me special When I need more power than that. And that little unit means nothing to me.

  16. As I watch your videos in the past I know 1500 watts is not what you need especially get to Delta pros combined together to make 120/240 7200 watts. So I really don't know much of why you would need 1500 watts to run your house it ain't going to work so maybe talking about going camping in a little tent because it ain't even good enough to run a camper that I know cuz I had to use a 3000 watt inverter To run my cousin's 30 ft camper in the summer of 2022.

  17. I'm glad I found this channel back when I started to shop for my 1st unit. The 4Patriots unit was what caught my attention to these even existing due to their massive PR but thank God I did my due diligence. Amazing how this market has exploded but my Titan is still very much worth my $$$. Thanks again to Ben for my Titan and for the channel that saved me from buying a unit like this back when there was only a few to choose from,2019/2020.

  18. i actually had this system on order and after waiting several months i realized that the current tech(this was in 2021) had surpassed this i canceled my order and went with the Bluetti AC300 system……which was shortly passed by even more capable systems. This industry is moving fast this last year. Your channel is one of the very few that does follow up on existing systems and i look forward to watching them.

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