URGENT! Do Not Buy Solar! Do This Instead. Save $1,000’s!!! Mango Power E Review


Mango Power E: Whole House Power at Portable Power Prices!

Date: August 24, 2023

50 thoughts on “URGENT! Do Not Buy Solar! Do This Instead. Save $1,000’s!!! Mango Power E Review

  1. Great information. I have a similar system in the UK using two PowerOak Portable Power Stations EB240. They are 2400Wh each but only output 1000watt each at any time. But enough for running fridge freezers, the microwave, TV, Desktop PC and a laptop. I can also plug in our Aircon unit if needed. Obviously, the more appliances you plug in the less time the power is available.

  2. Number one reason to go off grid is “Tax Free”. “Government Free”.

    Your social score or online comments will not effect your power.

    Solar, wind, battery, generator, system is always best.

    I’m on grid and use generator for emergency. I want a stand alone system for my well.

  3. Lol, or, you could get a backup generator and 500gal propane tank for grid down power. Longevity on combustion engines is far superior to battery. A whole house backup generator in the 20kw-25kw range and propane tank full for most houses would be around $6,000. True peace of mind at half the cost and almost double the power of this pipe dream.

  4. Very well thought out plan ! In these times , I have thought that solar panels would not be advisable if changing locations was needed . I would think that a couple of Mango's plus a small diesel / gas , / propane / Nat gas generator would be far easier to take with you if indeed some calamity would force you to move to a more defensible location. Thx for the info brother , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

  5. Basically all you truly need to say instead of waffling on, is to say that you can connect them to ANY external power source, may it be solar, wind or hydro electric as well as a fuel power generator, and if NOT doing that, to connect it to the mains power supply. Then as and when the power fails, it would let you then use the stored power in it’s internal batteries.
    WoW that was so hard to say, and as for listing the things that it can run, you did NOT say anything about using an electric toothbrush or any electric musical instruments, as I am just using them two things to show just how STUPID to even mention that list. As to list EVERY normal electrical devices around a home is just COMMON SENSE , but I do understand that you are talking to an American audience.
    As what this dose is NOTHING NEW, as even now at my home, I have two 6 Volt batteries linked to a solar panel that I have INSIDE of the house, that is hanging behind a window. The ONLY use that I have them batteries for, is to run my HAM radios in case of EMERGENCY, as all of my radios operate on 12 (13.8) volts.
    If I wanted to push the boat out, I could invest in getting a few more batteries and get an inverter to change the 12 volts upto 220/240 volts that we use in the UK. I would ONLY use that if the power was to go off in the winter time, as I have a GAS (NOT a gasoline) boiler, but the down side to that is that it requires electricity to power the circulating pump. So I would be able to keep my home warm. But I would also have it to power my freezers and my fridge and also my microwave oven, but also having a gas oven and hob, I just use the microwave for quickness, as everything can be cooked by using my gas oven and hob.
    So do NOT complicate things, as for me you are just a salesman who is trying to get people to buy things from you.
    As for all of your solar panels NOT working due to weather conditions, that is just laziness on your behalf, as NOTHING stopping you from going out to move that snow off at least the panels that are at ground level.
    So I say to EVERYONE, to have a bit of a look around the internet to see what the cost of GOOD DEEP CELLS batteries are, and research on how to connect them to a power source to get household power. As I know that with just 10 normal car/truck batteries, you will get 120 volts of DC power.
    I bet that you or a family member or a good friend would know someone to help you connect everything up for it to work. I know I have seen a YouTube video of a guy in America that lives out in the wilderness, he built himself a water wheel to generate 12 volts, and all made from a car alternator, some cogs and chain. This is a link to one of his videos:

    As he also has a few solar panels, but I think that he gets about ALL (or if not 80%) of his power from his water wheel.

    Sorry if I might have insulted anyone, and I reiterate that to just have a good look around the internet to see what others have been doing.
    As to totally rely on just one power source when you know that you get power outages, is NOT a very wise thing to do.

  6. I don't understand why the solar panels would stop producing power when the grid goes down… from what I understand the sun is completely independent of the electric company.

  7. I think the future is wind. Why you don't promote wind electric?. I am very much interested wind turbine generator because it is cheaper than solar and it generates 24 hours electric. It does not take very much place of roof.

  8. When hurricane maría hit a few years back i was 6 month without lights and I'm worried i will live through that again. How many days can this power my fridge and fans befor recharging?

  9. I beg to differ… Off grid power is like a computer back up, you have what maybe 4 hours then you are down right?
    SO what do you do like when I had a wind storm and power was taken out for 7 days???? what is your down grid power going to
    do now??? You might get some power by the day but you will not make it through the night because most dont prepare for the long term and your down grid is not a good idea.
    and yes, a $50 K system is a rip off, they were trying to take advantage of that person, don't do that either.
    Research the RV nomads, they have gone into solar power in a big way and are successfull, some even running air con on solar now. And if you know solar vs Air Con, that is saying something.
    These grid pay back systems are a joke, dont fall for it.
    You need batteries, an inverter and enough solar panels to charge your batteries and supply the house during the day and the batteries back up supply enough for at least 3 days.
    down grid solar, I dont think so.

  10. Yea when people get solar because they gonna earn money from it… 😂
    Over 25 years, if not before, they break down and you gotta replace them don't even making you break even.

  11. URGENT! Do Not Pay Any Attention To This Nonsense! Apparently Mango er-r-r sucks! Too many errors for a self-proclaimed 'expert'. I watched it right through to 15:35 but then quit when this twit prattled on about Quote seven thousand kiloWatts. Unquote. Even a 5yo schoolboy knows a 'kiloWatt' is 1000 Watts: so this twit is advocating 7 MILLION Watts in his backup system.
    Probably a good idea if you're powering a suburban railway system; but I'd love to see a battery the size of the moon holding that sort of charge.

  12. This is more about emergency power right? those unit's he is selling can't take you off grid and run your refrigerator and AC on simulaneously, 24/7 ?
    from May to Sepetember when AC is used, for many people 16 hours a day, and in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs, and other city's where it remains over 90 degrees at night
    you need AC practically 24/7,

  13. In the 1970's my dad purchased an old early 1930's-40's wind turbine from an old farmer for $150. He replaced the motor with a rewound aircraft generator motor and added a battery bank of 100 12volt batteries with an AC/DC converter as back up power. We also had solar panels, and a parabolic solar collector, which followed the sun's path all day. Also in 1975, February issue of Popular Science magazine, they did an article on a homemade electric car my 17 year old brother, Jeff Ricks built.

  14. Mango Power is a ** Chinese Company ** that only started 2 years ago.. There is no way I'm going to trust a Chinese Company with no history with electricity in my house.

  15. Sure this is super simple. It's basically battery storage ALL pre-wired and in a beautiful box. Just plug it into a 110v and keep it charged up on a minimal trickle charge and wait until you need it. On the other hand, you can build one of these using bus or truck batteries and a few hundred bucks worth of cables and controllers. Not as pretty, but 100% rebuildable, swappable and FAR more powerful…

  16. You need solar and batteries. Those batteries aren't going to last you nearly as long as you expect. I am not even watching further, but what you have there may be somewhere between 5-10kWh of battery storage. That might get you through a couple hours of peak. That's it.

    A small amount of solar added to that will make that dramatically better. 2-3kWh of solar, which can be bought for $1500. You might even be able to change your electric service to use demand based billing where you pay a massive premium for peak usage and get a good discount for off-peak. While maybe only getting 10-25% of your energy from solar… you would be able to cut your electricity costs by ~50%.

  17. Don't ever listen to a religious person! Mormons are dumber than a door knob and they will snake you if they can! That is the definition of a Gentile. That means you are a nonbeliever and not going to the same place as them so it is perfectly OK for them to rip you off and/or collect welfare, etc.

  18. If you use this and then during a storm the electric goes out and it kicks in to power the house, and the problem is that a power line is down from a tree falling over, the power company shut the electric off, would this not send power back down the line where they are working? I have always wondered about that. It looks like something that I would need. Thanks.

  19. Idiot! You don't KNOW 99% of the people considering off-grid power! I set up my first solar-system in 1980, and it WAS expensive because nobody had heard of solar power. (BUT it's still producing power at about 80% of it's rating: without ANY 'connection charge'! Three weeks ago I installed a 2.5kW system for an elderly neighbour which cost me $230 (sic) and came with ALL the ancillaries: Rails + fittings/cable/regulator/inverter/ and two (elderly) batteries which will need replacing soon. It was a used system, 6 years old, but came with a 25year warranty (about the expected built-in life-span of decent panels.) As for the batteries you can't go past the standard deep-cycle AMG lead-acid types, which can be bought (if you hunt around) for UNDER $2 per ah. and are foolproof; AND 'renewable' when they begin to fail. I have a 640ah battery-bank (here in suburban Melbourne) that has never looked like dying in almost 4 years (my long experience tells me to expect about 6 years from them) including four batteries rescued from motorised wheelchairs used by the locals and replaced every two years whether they need replacing or not.
    Would NEVER go near a grid-connect set-up: one reason being that regardless of the electricity used, one is still charged ridiculous fees simply for 'connection'. ($238 for one neighbour for the previous 3 months 'supply-connection'.) Needless to say he's also asked about a STAND-ALONE solar system. The only other 'consideration' is that one must review the way in which they use power. Wasn't difficult for me because for my first 10 years in Australia we had no electricity ~ 15 miles from the State Capital! A kero pressure-lamp provided light; firewood provided heat and cooking, and the 'luxury' mantle-radio ran off a car battery. These days I use about 3kWh per day: the biggest users are my AC/DC fridge which keeps things frozen for 32Watts during 10 (daylight/solar) hours a day and switches off at night: and my lap-top which operates on 37 Watts and will be half that when I buy a smaller (8-inch) one I've been looking at. My lights (which from habit I only use one at a time) run on 5Watts, and produce as much light as a 'normal' 60-Watt globe.
    My tiny 7-inch TV runs at 9 Watts (AC-DC) and gets propped up within about 18 inches from my face where-ever I go: including the dashboard of the car. (and sometimes the paper-roller in the toilet!) Bottom-line? STOP telling people what NOT to do based upon your font of ignorance. Try encouraging them to connect with others and figure out the best solutions. One place to start is having 'The Group' tell their local politician what THEY want done, and promise the politico/burearcrat that he/she will be thrown out at the next election otherwise, and have to get an ACTUAL job! PS if anyone wants some REAL info. about solar-power and/or options they're welcome to get back to me: either here or directly: dabbblesATgmailDOTCOM

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