Vtoman Jump 1000 Solar Generator-Watch Before You Buy


19 thoughts on “Vtoman Jump 1000 Solar Generator-Watch Before You Buy

  1. Just bought the 1000 w/2panels and a 600 spare battery; very high quality and charged right up and I'm in North Maine. Just remember, their connectors are proprietary, that's the only bad thing (if it is) I can say. Doesn't bother me, I prefer it. The cables that came with it were not junk cables. I'd buy another and I looked at Jackery too but happy with my decision. Hope this helps.

  2. I really dig the VTOMAN brand, and hey, I’ve already got myself an X1 jump starter with air compressor. It’s an absolute beast! This thing is a lifesaver when it comes to starting dead batteries and even topping up the tires on my ride.

  3. I have had the same model for 1 month. Living in a camper and running a gas generator during the day for work (which charges the battery), and i use the Votman for starlink so that I am always connected. It can run the starlink for over 20hrs (with the satellite heater off). On weekends I unplug the starlink when I don't need it, this way I have internet and cell as needed, but don't have to run the gas generator. Overall I am happy with it, but when that fan kicks on (it's getting hot in the camper some days), it's difficult to be in meetings, it's surprisingly loud.

  4. Those ports for the solar panels are not proprietary. They are standard DC5521 ports used by many solar power stations. The plugs are cheap to buy and you can use any solar panel. MC4 to DC5521 cable is all you need. Many panels come with a range of plug adapters.

  5. I think that you did a very fair test. Very much a deal breaker if you can't use the solar panels that you already have. I guess you might be able to rig up some kind of adapter to use other solar panels.

  6. I love that these things are taking the tech forward, but they're not there yet, 1kw for less than 90 mins. A bigger silent pure sine Honda suitcase generator cost less and runs as long as you put fuel in it. Plus the term solar generator is a misnomer, it generates nothing, gimme a 12v tractor battery and an inverter any day.

  7. I would really be concerned about the apparent small gauge and short length of the wire for the jump start. I'd also like to know if it could be charged by solar while it is being used. I bought a small Rockpals and it does not allow solar charging while it is being used for power. I was super disappointed in that!

    Thaks for another great video!

  8. Makes me sad as a veteran like you, that you keep getting that CCP made junk. The communists are not our friends. There are companies based in the USA that manufacture solar generators such as Lion Energy and Cutting Edge Power.

  9. Looking at the jump start cables they look exactly like mine on my mini jump pack. Several aspects of that unit look like the are generic. Which allows off the shelf items to work with it. Like my solar kit from hf will plug right in.

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