What Can You Run On A Single Solar Panel?


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Date: August 24, 2023

40 thoughts on “What Can You Run On A Single Solar Panel?

  1. The "Generators" do NOT generate anything. They are glorified batteries, that store electricity from the panels. You already have a generating device (the alternator) in your car, and a battery too, good for emergencies. This will charge electronics at idle speeds. I have a solar system for small ongoing loads like lights. But for serious loads, I crank the Honda 2000i gasoline powered generator.

  2. One of the companies I priced for Solar panels was $65,000 for my home, It would take me 36 years to pay for that at the cost of what I pay for my light bill now.

  3. Hi! I'm Actually Wanting To Set-up My Tacoma Into An As They Say Now "Van Life" & Traveling/ Living In It. I Want To Turn Solar Into 110 V Custom Outlets For A Portable Fridge, Lighting Etc Living Space. Any Advice On Inverters Etc? I'm A General Contractor & Do All Phases But Master Carpenter Mostly, I Know Nothing About Solar Stuff. Thanks!

  4. I was looking at a Bluetti solar generator, only 260wH. It makes more sense from a flexibility perspective to plug the few solar panels on my list into an inverter and charge the device off of that than plugging the solar panels in directly.

  5. Educational for a nerd or someone already educated in electrics. Not for someone trying to gain knowledge on solar power.
    What is wrong with you guys….? Every video I watch to try and gain beginners knowledge goes into ridiculous jargon over and over and within minutes I’ve lost interest.
    So what does one panel run exactly…for a whole day? Why would anyone buy a panel and everything else at expense to just charge their phone or tablet or tools. WHY?

  6. solar panel $67 ecoflow 2 grand WhAt cAn I dO wItH iT?
    thats fine, by why the clickbait thumbnail?
    How hard would it have been to actually DO the test. heck, even the $10 controller direct to power tool batteries would have been neat.

  7. Four points I want to make. (Sorry I didn't read all 246+ other comments so I may be duplicating what others wrote.)
    1. I see the list at 11:34 of Watt·hours and it's tempting to add it up. But one must consider how often you use each device/tool. For example, maybe you need to charge your iPhone 2X per day, but the laptop only once per week. Also, maybe you need 2 pots of coffee per day? Maybe you only drink coffee on cloudy days. (People likely use more lights on cloudy days.)
    2. Having a charge controller+battery with 3600 Wh capacity seems handy. So usage could fluctuate wildly. As long as over a period of (say) ten days, your battery stays 'topped off' then you are fine. But if you find it is constantly hitting zero, then you need to add more solar panels. Perhaps if the household is "smart", i.e. "today is laundry day, so no coffee" etc. then you can survive with fewer panels or a smaller battery.
    3. Seems like the panel can produce up to 100W. I'd be tempted to use a mirror or reflective metal (mylar?) to get more light on the panel(s), so they are maxed out. Also, that would allow it to be over that minimum 11V more often, possibly adding hours to the daily collection.
    4. Why only 4.6h per day? That number is just "peak" or "optimal" sun values. In reality, I think you'd get more than that per day. Have you really found that number to average out correctly? (I live in Phoenix, AZ so our number is higher!)

  8. Bad. This episode is mainly a commercial for grid tie. Solar generators are also short lived and expensive. The main lesson is gullibility. How to succeed at believing everything you heard.

  9. Here he is mister know it all again! Jack of all trades master of none giving advice. Last video hes showing you how to plug a tire LOL !! BEWARE Solar panels can be a very bad investment on a house for numerous reasons. 1) Homeowners policies can drop you for putting them on your roof, leaks ,holes,mold and storm damage to roofs and panels. 2) Power companys are now starting to charge customers maintenance fees ($50 per month) in my area because the solar lowered bills now are shorting the electric company all those extra transmission and maintenance costs listed on your bill based on power usage now lowered. 3) Payback is usually 10-12 years at least if at all, it can cost you more to pay for the system and service contracts then the electric bill for years. 4) Maintaining the system itself. Solar panels power output degrade over time about %1 per year, inverters fail (1 under each panel) and get taken out by lightning and then they will sell you a service contract further putting you in the red. Roof repairs from leaks atleast 60 holes depending on the amount of panels. The wind in storms ripping the panels off your roof and plywood with it. 5) Government incentives are disappearing yearly and power companies are cutting off buying excess power back to their system as time goes on. 6) Lowers the value of your house (not raising it) Nobody is going to want to buy your house if you paid off half of a $60,000 contract over time and that house still has a note against it for $30,000. You would have to pay it off to sell it, which means no benefit to you just losses plus the remaining electric bills you already paid. 7) May not even give you the savings you were promised. Some geeky kid with thick glasses and pocket full of pens and a calculator will promise you all the reductions in your bills but with no guarantees and not telling you all the pitfalls im telling you. I have alot of neighbors with them most are getting screwed. The direction your roof faces is a major concern but they will sell you the system regardless and probably oversize it as well to make up for the lack of sun exposure costing far more than the power would have cost.. Alot of unscrupulous solar companies putting them in. Depending on how much they oversize you may never break even. Especially with service contracts and repairs to the house because of leaks. The weather plays a big part in it also, so no one can guarantee you anything. (Sun vs Clouds) If you bought storage batteries guess what, they only last so many years and you have to buy new ones and pay to dispose of the old ones MORE COSTS!! and before the payback comes in! Putting solar panels on a house can be a very bad investment, you really have to do your homework, they definitely are not for everybody, but even if they somehow save you some it wont be for years to get the payback meaning your stuck living there until the contract is paid off. And that doesnt mean you saved anything. Its not the lower electric bill you need its lower money spent on electric, and if a $60,000 system over 12 years doesnt save you $60,000 – you lost. Plus the costs to keep it working and finding a Home owners insurance company that will write you a policy that will cover the system (Higher Costs Again) and wont drop you but at the very least the policy will cost you more on top of everything else. When looking at your new H.O.'s policy read those exclusions!!

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