What EVERY Home Needs for an Emergency! – The BLUETTI AC200P + PV350 Solar Generator


18 thoughts on “What EVERY Home Needs for an Emergency! – The BLUETTI AC200P + PV350 Solar Generator

  1. NOOO! watch out for the bluetti warranty is no good. I have the ac200p this unit battery numbers are very lower. unit is junk. only 1 years old, Also I have #3 350w portable panels failed (NOT WORKING) I'VE been working with kiki at bluetti she's is given me the run a round. Five mouths and I have #3 panels that do not work and a junk power station. Sorry see you in Quartzsite!

    I did not watched the hole video, NO reason too!

  2. One step ahead of you. Just got the same thing to supplement an or compliment my gas generator. The AC200P and 4 of the PV200 solar panels. And picked up a 75’ cord to make sure I can get the panels where wanted an the power station inside in the cool. It’s nice to be able to swap to quiet power at times.
    Also use it on some family tent camping trips an tag along the ZeroBreeze AC unit which pulls around 230watts running wide open. Plus it’s own battery pack basically can run it the entire night between that an the AC battery pack.
    I just use moving blankets I set up to use between the rain fly that lays over the tent itself to add an insulation factor to it. An usually turn it half way at night. Than let the panels start catching sun in the AM an redo it the next night.

  3. Your absolutely right in your assessment of the Bluetti Doc. I have had the AC 200 Max for almost two years and i have zero complaints. You are also right about keeping the refrigerator and freezer running during a power outage, its so important.. thanks for all your honest reviews. Health and wellness be yours.

  4. I’ve wanted one of these for a year or so. I’ve seen tests other YouTubers have put up… but your demonstration was a lot more practical; seeing how the average person would use it is spot on. Now I need to convince my wife that this is something we NEED.
    On the practical side, you mentioned it’s quiet. This is more sensible especially when there’s a massive disaster not to mention NO EXHAUST! Keep it inside without worrying about toxic fumes. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks for the review. Like every technology, there are drawbacks. I have a gasoline generator. I'd love to convert it to propane (safer and easier to use), but getting gasoline might be easier to acquire. This tech here is self renewable, very easy to use, overall safer, but bad weather can muck things up. I might get one of these to complement my genset.

  6. I am a big fan of this kind of tool. I got a much smaller BLUETTI unit with a rigid glass solar panel just to experiment. The total was less than $400. I like that I can be self reliant with solar power. I liked it so much I built a much bigger custom system. I also have an inexpensive propane/gas dual fuel generator that I can use to top up my batteries if needed. I currently use my solar system to charge my yard-work batteries and my small consumer electronics. I’m not saving much money, but it helps me to test my system so I know it is still working. I enjoy my system, it is like a hobby project.

  7. Bluetti, jackery , eco flow,anker etc… HAVE BEEN BLown Apart IN EVERY WAY by the new aferiy …. power stations
    More power, cheaper, quicker charging, more outlets …LONGER GUARANTEE…..

  8. I have installed many backup UPS systems for large applications. For instance IRS service centers to keep all the computers running in a 1 million square foot building or thereabouts. Backup for entire hospitals in metropolitan areas, etc. These battery rooms can easily be from 100 square feet to several thousand square feet. Now the point is even in the best of circumstances completely climate controlled rooms averaging around 65°F the batteries they use have an average life of 10-15 yrs. If the batteries are depleted to far on a regular basis this will greatly decrease lifespan. If consistently used out of the optimum temp zone, same result. The batteries do need to keep being cycled to receive optimum battery life. Just some things to consider, the battery life and expected lifespan in "normal, real life" situations isn't going to be nowhere near what most people think. Enclosed in the outer case outside in the heat my best estimation would be maybe a 5 yr life span on average. I just went and checked, their warranty is 5 yrs, with expected battery lifespan of 10 yrs. They apparently moreless agree with my consensus.

  9. Great video Ernie. I agree these battery-based options have come a long way recently. Bluetti seems to have emerged as a solid leader in this space. Nice Tissot T-Race BTW – are you a watch guy at all? Careful, just like Coleman stuff, watches are another rabbit hole. 🤣🤣

  10. that's nice but most of us can NOT afford $,$$$ for a big battery thingy

    that and these Bluetti have all that Smart Phone CRAP!

    Enjoy The Collapse 🤪
    The Fall Of The Empire

  11. These things are great. I own one from a different brand.
    However, it is disingenuous to call it a generator. It is not a generator. It is a battery. It is a pack of lithium cells with a sine-wave inverter. The solar cells are solar cells, not generators. Generators are already a different thing. There is no need to try to manipulate people by calling it a generator. It is a perfectly viable DIFFERENT product than a generator. Mine has a flashlight built in, yet I do not call it a flashlight.
    Call it what it is.
    These solar cell and battery combos are great! You should give them a shot if you enjoy camping with amenities or require the use of a CPAP machine while sleeping.
    See? I didn’t call it a generator. Because it isn’t one.

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