What Solar Generator Do I Get? Solar Q+A


3 Questions to answer on what solar generators to get, how to fix a DIY power station setup, and what system is the right size for …

Date: August 24, 2023

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  1. I have two Apollo 5K paid for, hopeful with a shipping by the end of August. They are recommending I purchase (8) 410-Watt Solar Panel roof mounted. To maintain consistent power.

    To power, 1 refrigerator, 1 Freezer, TV, some lighting and some convenience outlets.

    I will be purchasing an AC Split Phase Box $310.00 To connect the two Apollo units to my Electrical panel

    Do You offer solar panels that are better quality and leess panels?

    Hysolis (8) $2,240

    410 Watt Solar Panel $285.00, High Conversion Efficiency Mono-crystalline Silicon

    Our household-sized panel. Warrantied for 25 years. Cable and MC4 connectors are included.

    High module conversion efficiency 21.0%, Designed for Outdoor Use. IP68 junction box, high…

  2. You are so also me I am a subscriber u response and help soo much thank you for helping me with my bluetti 5000 I needed help u response quick 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Can I connect my EcoFlow 1800Woutput/ 2700W Peak Delta 2 Push Button Start Solar Generator with Delta2 Extra Battery & 400W Solar Panel to a Transfer Box?

  4. In my experience EcoFlow products aren't dependable. River smoked when connected to ac power and dc power. Customer service was horrible. When they finally responded they refused to replace the inoperable unit.

  5. My house just burnt dumb because electric company had something to touch to my house called the electrical line.
    It they took out the meter. Left there left to go on a connected and then it.
    Keep bringing 480 volts into the house And it caused a fire and now i'm homelessort If you want to say, but I'm actually staying at my sister's place, wait to see what the fire Marshall says to what started the fire sent. The fire started up in the attic where the electrical Line come To the house. My daughter is home, she just Got done making something to eat and then turned off the invertbro. She said she smelled some kind of funny, so she checked everything around The battery's inverters microwave, everything could not find a smell that You Noticed the smell was coming from Outside. I thought it was a worker's down the road working on the road, something they're doing so. She went back and at house and went upstairs. And next to him, she turned around. No smoke coming down into the wall. And she says it's been in 2 seconds. A whole upstairs as far as spoke. So she went downstairs, didn't think it was very much to say it and sought. Maybe she can go it out, maybe sometimes just smoking. And then she went up to where my Solar System is version of French porches. And she says a smoke just comes barreling down into the front porch and right up to the door so she quickly ran outside, ran around the house and the front and the fire that it right there by the door and then if I were back towards the The batteries that inverters and things like that. And everything else had in the front porch. Instead of burning, it took a 1/2 hour for the Fred apartments to get there, and she said the battery is blue up and finally pray caught the batteries. By the time the fire department got there, which was a 1/2 hour after volume started. The battery started to explode.
    After the fire Phone help really hurts, it doesn't spell words, righthen it takes my keyboard away, it really sucks.
    After I lose just about everything.
    After I lose about everything. The phone does not know how to spell words, right? They won't let me use my keyboard.
    They won't let me use my keyboard.

  6. Hi Minute Man Prep. I have the gen 1 inergy Kodiak and five of these panels – pretty much still new used three times.. I took the cover off the junction box and hard to tell if is the same as your config because vid here is to small on my eyes. I have several questions and like to ask if we can set up a 15-30 consulting call to walk me through few things and also share a few pics what I have… then create a plan. How best to email or get in contact with you to share pics/vids of what our current config is.

  7. To the guy with the "Electrician." Get another Real Professional Electrician. To the guy who shorted out his homemade system. Good try, but that is why you buy good dependable products. Value over Price.

  8. It is interesting to note there seems to be one specific product (Perhaps two ?) which, time and again, seem to meet the specific needs of home backup for up to 72 Hrs, and this is either the EcoFlow Delta Pro, or the Delta 2 Max Solar Generators. These are the only two products which are the most affordable plug and play solutions which meets this specific requirement.

  9. Can you do what you're speaking about plug interlock switch with a 400-amp service that's two 200-amp in our laundry room or would you need two of them
    We cannot find anybody in our area and South Carolina that will do that they all say we have to update our box even though the house is 18 years old they passed a law in 2017 that says that the neutrals on one side of the breaker and the ground is on the separate neutrals and grounds but they're on the same side of the box they want between 5 to $10,000 to move all the wires from one side to the other of the box and install that switch cannot afford that

  10. I’m seeing issues with companies now that I did not expect and now seeing over the past year your customer interactions with the those companies is really getting a better handle on them. That gives your customers more control over what they are getting ✅

  11. The third question is why I bought 2 pecron E2000's and a backup duel fuel generator. I am not an electrician and did not want to burn my house down.The main reason is to keep my one fridge running, some fans and charge phone, laptop. The pecrons are giving me a better sense of how this all works. I love the ecoflows a little pricey for me and I don't care about apps and bricks so the pecron works for me. One day I will build me own system because I just got to. Lol

  12. There is definitely a "cost" of building a DIY portable power station…it's called education and experience. If you're the kind of person who gives up after a set-back, then DIY is not for you.

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