Which Solar Generator Do I Buy?


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Date: August 24, 2023

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  1. Can someone not intersted in hooking up solar panels use the Delta Pro as a viable home back up? I'm looking for something I can charge when the power isnt out by just a house outlet or if in an emergency charging it by gas generator.

  2. I think I like the two separate that will mount on top but with both panel I will only have 200watt to charge right will that work you think. Once again I want to thank you for your time with me Joe

  3. I JUST CALLED Jackery and they know have the 2000 Pro I told them I watched your video and that I was not happy that I only had t use there solar panel to charge the Jackery. They told me that the 2000 PRO can use any solar panel to charge it.

  4. Thanks for the video I have a few questions and I wanted to ask if you can help me. I have a 2018 Palomino HS 2910 Backpack edition truck camper. I wanted to set it up to use solar Generator can you help me understand it I have a Microwave and an On Demand Hot water tank and TV and Fridge and water pump in a camper. I want to really learn the Solar part of this Thanks

  5. My main goal is to provide backup power to my entire house during an emergency or blackout situation for anywhere from 3 to 10 days. After being setup with a transfer switch situation, I don't ever want to go back to a generator with extension cords. But I would really like to get away from generator noise, especially at night. That's led me to some of these amazing power pack units. I was pretty much decided on a pair of EcoFlow Delta Pros, and last night I discovered the Zendure Superbase V. Sounds like an amazing product, and pretty much exactly what I need …… on paper, anyway. Now after watching this video, it seems like I might want to look into the Apollo, too. In a power outage situation, I don't expect to live in the lap of luxury. I have no problem scaling back, and getting by with the minumum — fridge, small freezer, some lights, fans, some cooking ability, a small 5,000 btu window ac for one of the small rooms, and selective use of a well pump.

  6. I'm fully happy with bluetti ac200p. added a b300 battery for total 5000 watts. also picked up a goal zero yetti 1500x for hold on 500 bucks because the anderson port was damaged. I fixed it. so roughly 6500 watt hours. connected to home with 4 15 watt panel Bob switch. most I use is 400 watts have 800 watts solar.

  7. Hey Ben…I remember playing "King of the Hill" when I was a kid. Nobody ever stayed on top forever. Records are meant to be broken and innovation moves along. Alas, it seems Titan has lost its foothold. I'm enjoying my Titan 1500 (2 Bats, 15X100 "potential" panels) in the storage bay of my RV, but would like just a little more cushion when boondocking. I'm contemplating adding a 3rd battery. I don't have the immediate $$ to rip/replace it for the Apollo. I suppose I could, over time, save enough to buy the Apollo, but what to do with the Titan? Is it marketable? What would be your advice moving forward ?

  8. I'm looking to run a kitchen stove 3600 Watts 240 volt as well as my 220 volt water heater and that's all I expect that to take care of so yeah I think I'll get one of those too if I can afford it the Delta pro I think I remember that.

  9. You don't like that blue Eddie because of this power consumption of 64 Watts you know I have solar panels and I have converters and a simple 12 volt converter uses about 64 Watts now you get one of those major converters they're using 120 watts and I'm pretty sure you're running your house off from solar I don't get you so a few bit a little tiny Watts one of my solar panels why that's why is it uses whoop the deal I mean heck the TV uses more than that to run 64 Watts can't believe you 64 watts is almost nothing compared to 335 watts to keep power in your house and do nothing or to use nothing. And that's what you're idle is for your house all maybe anyways between 264 and or 386 watts is idle for your house and when it's doing nothing or a typical house I should say.

  10. To let you know if I get a generator everything in my house is electric everything was electric when I bought my house everything's electric including my kitchen stove oven I mean everything is electric in my house so I definitely need 240 volt and 120 volt I keep buying these converters and all they wanted to give me is a 120 volt how and how do you get a 240 volt generator if that's all they have to say that to make it underneath 5000 Watts and all they have is 120 out of it. But I did buy two 300 blue Eddie's recently with eight batteries 12 200 watts solar panels and can add another 2400 watt solar panels to run both bluetti
    Generators. But I would actually like to get another two of those generators with those batteries without solar panels cuz two of those generators probably won't be enough I probably need four of them. But the point of the batteries actually makes it enough electricity to sign a power because of the battery is just 24 KW hours. And just to let you know I live in the North well actually I live in Wisconsin we do get cold Winters and small days.

  11. I recently bought an RV for a deer camp (and traveling) which means I need to boondock. After tens of hours of youtube videos for solar, I found your videos to be the most informative, and the ones that comprehensively covered what I was looking for. Thank you very much for that! I'll rig my solar power based (mostly) on your videos.

  12. I don't know what you should get. But I would stay away from inergytek products. Took over 1 year to get my stuff from them and I can't watch tv with it, it blanks out my screen. So if power goes out I can't get the news.
    I use it for a few things around the house it is not completely useless but takes long time to charge. And I will never make another purchase from inergytek. One other thing when I called to check on delays they simply did not give a Schiff.

  13. Have you had a chance to look at the new Ecoflow Powerkits? I think they are a little expensive..but super clean and easy for people to install. I'm wondering if you'll get a chance to review/look at these systems.

  14. It's like this…do I want a Lambo? Sure but is it practical since I live in NE,Definetly not. Not to mention I don't have the $ to afford it nor do I need all that power anyway. Titan fits my needs and then some no matter how many great and powerful units emerge. That being said if I win $100,000 I'll buy me a Appollo to go with my new off grid cabin 😆

  15. After tons of research I chose the Hysolis MPS3K generator to supply AC power on my boat. It has been a game changer! With it's built in low frequency 3K inverter and 4.5Kw battery capacity and 30 amp AC output, we no longer need to run the generator to produce AC power to the cook top, coffeemaker and other AC appliances. And with its 1200 watt charger, we can get the battery back to 80% capacity in short time! The new Apollo is all that much better!!

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