Wind Turbine for Home outbeats PV Solar Panels in 2023?!


49 thoughts on “Wind Turbine for Home outbeats PV Solar Panels in 2023?!

  1. all well and good but these are cheap and old tecnology not new and expensive, yes even if they have re invented the propella its still more like $50 a unit to produce not thousands. this is why renables are not getting picked up its alomost a scam, the installer wants huge profit the equipment wants huge profit and all the customer gets in a huge bill and no savings as they are paying off a power system. its ment to be cheap and relaiable nothing else.

  2. None of this pans out when your electric bill averages $60 a month. Super insulated homes never wear out and never need maintenance. Your house doesn’t look like a science project either. Haven’t met a single person that brags about being in the business for over 20 years. They all quit when the government subsidies end.
    When they come up with a solar system that will last more than 30 years, replace your roof and require a weekend or two to replace it. I’m in.

  3. the only fully off grid system that would be nearly 100% efficient would be a 4 part system using wind, solar, water, and gravity to power units and energy storage; however even I think it's a bit of a pipe dream because building such a system would likely be cost prohibitive to the general public.

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  5. Obviously, the magic to constant owner is cogenerating solar and wind energies to be self reliant either in winter or summer.. The next problem is battery storage to reduce cost of the whole system. Any better suggestions?



  8. $30 000 “investment” to replace a home’s electrical demand. What the hell. Looking at my current electricity demands it will take me between 12-15 years to break even. Not worth it. I was quoted $50 000 for solar panels. It is simply insanity. Not worth the cash flow suicide.

  9. You can not say how much the wind turbine will make until ypu know each area. In Mesa AZ a frind had 4 kW PV and it make lots more tgan his wind turbine. It was not very windy except 2 days a month.

  10. As a nomad who lives in a cargo trailer converted to an RV, I wonder if I can charge my solar batteries just driving down the road putting a wind generator on my trailer roof on cloudy days?

  11. They're not going to break into the USA market until they have a unit that can produce 120/240 volts. These European manufacturers are cutting their own sales potential by producing these 110/230 systems.. No one in the USA is going to buy it.

  12. LOL it is laughable to think that wind can power your home. I mean as a small form factor fan supplementing solar. You think customers hate solar you think they will like this tall poles with fans on the tops of their houses? I can hear the customer now when I ask to set the appointment. No my wife hates those she wants solar they look better." Why should it cost $30,000? Solar is the cheapest way to make electricity period but even the solar industry has greed which is slowing down the world converting to green energy.

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