ZENDURE SuperBase Pro 2000w UPS Solar Generator Review | Portable Battery Power Station


28 thoughts on “ZENDURE SuperBase Pro 2000w UPS Solar Generator Review | Portable Battery Power Station

  1. hi professor……I like this unit and your reviews are great….my question is this: I have jackery 200w solarsaga panels(18v/11.12a.)..can I use them on the Endure SuperBase Pro 2000 solar generator

  2. If i understood correctly, this is good only for one hour for a couple Del light… No good for big tools like band saw or planner, etc… I think the explications are perfect if we have an MIT diploma… Must to talk for ordinary people… Any way, thank you for the time you take for make this nice video… Maybe it's because i don't speak enough english… Forgot link for Amazon and the solar kit panels

  3. I see 5521 barrel plugs on a number of power stations like this Zendure, but don’t really hear anything on how they are used. Could you do a video on various ways the 5521 output can be used?

  4. It sounds like it must have something akin to an autotransfer switch in it, that detects AC/DC and switches between the AC charger or direct to the batteries.

  5. Compared to Delta Max …I was thinking it had a possible better stats and performance..but the fans loud and seemingly more often..side and front connectors which is 2 sides and the front compared to just 2 is not a nice thing to me…plus the luggage thing isn’t flush when retracted which would waste space….so it’s nice for me..but still delta max is the best comp as of now and what I’ve seen.

  6. Forgive me, varification please.
    Is an Inverter generator the same as a solar generator?
    And if so, what are the other names a solar generator can be sold as?
    Thank you

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