Zendure Superbase V 6400wh 120v | 240v Solid State Battery Solar Power Backup Generator


31 thoughts on “Zendure Superbase V 6400wh 120v | 240v Solid State Battery Solar Power Backup Generator

  1. When do these rather large higher capacity battery banks start to creep into industrial UPS battery backup territory? I mean 64,000 watt hours of maximum capacity is pretty big. Got some extra YouTube dollars for a top of the line ThreadRipper Pro with 64 cores with about 1.5-2 TBs RAM? That might end up being your new solar degenerator as these batteries keep increasing their power handling capabilities.

  2. Okay I get the TT-30P and 14-50R rv plugs. But what I don't get is why these manufacturers don't install plugs that are similar to what we already have on real generators. 14-20R and 14-30R cords are already available at most big box hubs. The 14-30R is on most home transfers switch kits too. Honestly the TT-30P is useless for anything other than an RV swap that for something else and include an adapter.

  3. As someone who just got one, I highly suggest you avoid right now. Firmware is very buggy and company is too new to know how well they'll do in support/updates.

  4. If I plug it into the wall outlet maybe charging through the inverters that is powering the house to power that up from 120 or 240 volts or my other option would be solar and I would use solar to charge that up I know use that unit to backup my house if it is possible and if it's not possible I would have no use for that generator.

  5. I have to say. I’m not one to leave comments. On anything, unless it really moves me. So it’s rare that I do. This experiment of your, I have to say, I found it incredibly amazing. I even feel it has answered a question I have been having for quite some time. You see, we replaced our microphone battery’s with the 9volt lithium ebl battery’s from the nickel metal hydride battery’s the manufacture recommends. We felt at the time that the lithium would last longer and be more stable. But after seeing how quickly they lose there charge compared to the others, it’s clear to me now that, they are the reason why our mics have transmission or signal falloff in some of the more interference prone areas of the hall. This makes a lot of since now. Thank you so very much for this video. I personally loved it.

  6. In this review he stated the 240 VAC comes from a 6-20R receptacle and watching the video it does appear to be a 3 wire, 6-20R receptacle. 3 wire means two hot wires and an equipment ground wire (green wire). His statement this unit can then supply a whole house because it has 240VAC is incorrect. A 3 wire receptacle has no neutral wire and a clothes dryer, ovens and ranges require a neutral. The exception would be a small electric air conditioner, water pump or heater rated less than 20 amps, 240VAC. This unit seems would be great for an off grid home with a deep well pump to run. I am a Master electrician and a former state electrical inspector.

  7. Good review, thank you. Any updates on the Zendure Superbase V 6400wh 120v | 240v Solid State Battery Solar Power Generator, are they shipping units, any customer feed back/issues, what's there customer support like. Thank you.

  8. Totally can't tell that he's reading off a teleprompter, totally can't tell this man is just trying to sell stuff to me. Totally can't tell. Rad.

  9. Anyone know if you can make a split phase L1, L2, N, G by combining the 240v plug hot and the 120v. Saying it has 240v is really useless if you cant hook up to a manual transfer switch without buying 2 units and a special 1200 dollar home center

  10. Are you related to a guy by the name of Troy Anderson born in 1970? Cause that dude was in my class of 88 and looks almost identical to you. The hairline, glasses, facial hair, facial structure, hair color, and overall demeanor. You sir have a Dopple ganger named Troy Anderson born 1970 and graduated high school in 1988 in the zip code 60013. I know you have the curiosity and ability to look at his photo and just know he must be related. Great vid. 🤣

  11. Cant speak for this product but this is my experience with Zendure as a brand. I have 2 Superbase2000 units. Both failed withing months of acquiring them. They "freeze" and cannot be charged and cannot power anything. The local reseller I bought them from recommended that they not be replaced as this is a common problem and they have to keep replacing them. They have offered my money back or an alternative brand. This is a common problem with these products as I have now verified scouring the very limited online blogs and comments. Ther is virtually no technical or support information online. Even obtaining a manual takes some detective work.

    For many weeks now I have had to endure ineffective online support. It takes days to get an answer to an email from their support staff. An attempt to remotely push update firmware failed. They will not replace these units as Ii suspect they are sending are sending out replacement devices by the dozens now and don't want to do this anymore.

    I have elected to get my money back from the agents, who have told me that I shouldn't even bother to ship these back to them, as there is nothing, they can do to repair these units. The net of it all, is that I have two very expensive bricks in my storeroom.

    On paper these are amazing devices. In practice, they seem to fail often and even worse, Zendure seem to be turning a blind eye to customer complaints.

    I wouldn't go anywhere near this brand.

  12. If that inverter box is as good as you say, it WILL run a 4,500 watt residential TWO COIL water heater in amp up mode because even in a two coil quick recovery tank, the two heating units only run one coil at a time. (I refuse to call them solar generators as they don't generate anything in the classical sense of the word.)
    When you begin using a fully hot tank, the cold water is run straight to the bottom of the tank via an internal pipe connected to the cold water inlet. When the cold water approaches the bottom thermostat, the bottom heating coil turns on to quickly try to warm that cold water. If you take long, hot showers like I do for chronic back pain, the bottom unit will not completely heat the incoming cold water.
    As the cooler water approaches the top thermostat, it will cut off power to the bottom heating unit and turn on the top unit. This one won't warm running cold running water either. When you run out of hot water and shut off the hot water tap, the top heating unit will heat the standing top 1/3rd of the tank to make some hot water available sooner for things like clothes or dishwashers that intermittently use hot water. When the top of the tank reaches it's preset temperature, it will cut out and restore power to the bottom unit to finish heating the tank.
    If both heating units worked at the same time, the tank would have to be wired with 8 gauge wire, (an expensive proposition to say the least), as it would be drawing 9,000 watts, (37.5 amps), an even more expensive proposition. At this rate, the average American home owner wouldn't be able to afford electrically heated water.

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