Zendure Superbase V: Whole Home Lithium Solar Generator


In todays video we review the brand new Zendure superbase V! Currently a good part of Ukraine is in the dark, many countries …

Date: August 24, 2023

22 thoughts on “Zendure Superbase V: Whole Home Lithium Solar Generator

  1. This unit is the first I have seen which could address basic power requirements for a house. It's more convenient them getting several solar generators to power say a freezer and a frog. Thanks Nate

  2. Blue light special on Canadian Prepper. (Years ago KMart used to have blue light specials. Everyone would run pushing their cart to the aisle where the "special" was located) Seeing you light up in blue electricity brought back fond memories lol

  3. What are your thoughts on the Univix 12000 bank system? They boast that theyre the only home power storage system that uses actual recyclable batteries so when your cells died, they can be swapped out.

  4. I'm fortunate to have had the time to wait and see what research experienced folks develop ever since I began looking into these matters.

  5. Pre-ordering the batteries are awesome but the company that is doing the promotion considering everything that's going on today is really not trustworthy if you look at the reviews maybe they should have figured out a better way to presell their batteries thank you love your content love your shows

  6. Do you know how it compares to the new Bluetti power station? I currently have a 1500 and 1200 goal zero solar set. Only draw back is how heavy this stuff is to move. A comparison show would be a great idea.

  7. That’s a step up from my Jackery. It takes 6 hours in direct sun to charge my battery. I think a combination with a generator would be the best of both worlds until you run out of gas.

  8. U could turn a subwoofer into a generator by wrapping copper coil around magnet attach to voice/bass could crank up the doof doof.

  9. I was looking for a "REAL" electric car to power my house not a shit Battery car that needs 2b plugged in & I can't even keep driving. Don't call it TESLA. Call it an elon!
    TESLA= free wireless energy.
    elon = batteries & house wiring. Power lines, power stations, service stations, same oil same ol.

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